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A wonderful letter from a plant-strong sheriff's deputy

Hi Rip,

Just wanted to say a personal thank you for your book and your father’s book ‘Prevent and Reverse heart disease’

Here’s the ‘scoop’. I am a Deputy Sheriff. I was fit (ran the Bolder Boulder 3 times), healthy, skinny, ideal weight and on a Mediterranean diet. The only ‘clue’ was that I had a 35″ waist. No family history/risk factors. My cholesterol etc. was OK for someone without cardiac history.

April 2009 I had a heart attack and a stent fitted in my ramus artery. I was 38 and on duty at the time, no one believed this was happening to me! It was a calcified blockage and had a tear in it. Things could have been a lot lot worse….

October 2009 the stent restenosed and I had a second stent fitted. I was crushed. I was upset and angry. I had done everything ‘right’ by conventional medicine’s standards and felt that the new ‘diet’ of pills was wrong but did not know what to do.

My husband could see my spirits failing and that I was concerned that my job was at risk. He began reading. He found your father’s book. I read it and it was like a ‘eureka’ moment. Finally I had some control, some choice.

For two weeks I cooked the recipes in your father’s book. Some were good but I liked more flavorful food. I found your book online. Burritos! Hooray! Now we had some ‘fun’ food too and some good exercise advise.

Because of the restenosis I have quit running (too much impact) and now swim/power sculpt/yoga.

My cholesterol/lipids still need some work/medication but I have LOST 18 LBS IN 3 MONTHS! My waist is now 31″. I figure I have 2″ to go. I expect the cholesterol/lipids will improve once the weight loss stabilizes. I am off the beta blockers/calcium channel inhibitors. The statins are next on my list.

Thank you for showing me that a ‘cop’ can do this too. Ours is a tough job and I have had my colleagues say they would rather die than eat what I eat. I have too much to live for!

You and your dad are great people. One day I would like to shake you both by the hand.

Best wishes,

Jeanette K., Colorado

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  1. Doug Singleton says:

    I work in a college campus office. I want to say that I have done EVERY diet you can imagine. You name them, I’ve probably done them. Naturally, I was a raging skeptic about the Engine 2 diet after seeing a segment about it on the Dr. Oz TV show. I thought that I had nothing to lose and would add the Engine 2 diet to my repertoire of “diet failures”. I’ve been on the program for a little more than a month and I just received my latest blood test results. My skepticism stopped when I saw my total cholesterol fell from 210 to 158! My LDL (bad) cholesterol dropped 50 points and my HDL (good) went up one. I’ve also dropped 15 pounds without even trying. I can’t express how much I used to cringe when people would talk about the “lifestyle” change. I didn’t want to change my lifestyle. However, this “diet” is SO EASY and I”m never hungry… hunger being the bane of other diets. I feel so much better physcially and emotionally. I no longer call this a diet. It is simply sensible eating. THANK YOU FOR GIVING ME MY LIFE BACK !!

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