The Daily Beet

  • Don Bistrow

    I read the article and don’t believe in high taxes to control behavior. Government is in our live too much, it’s expanding and as you know, they’re after salt too.

    In a freedom loving country we must keep choices to the individual and as much as I would like everyone to be healthier we can use public services ads or education to do that, not politicians seeking more ways to get into our pockets and bank accounts.

    Please continue to promote your wonderful book, I do. I also promote a free society who must make choice themselves.

  • William

    Would that be government funded education you are talking about? Paid for by taxes? This tax would not take the product off the shelf, you would still be allowed the freedom to spend your money on a sugary drink. If the tax revunues are used to subsidise healthier foods, how would this be different from the current subsidies for corn that is used to make high fructose corn syrup that is used as a cheap ingredient to keep the cost of these sodas low? Maybe the argument you should be making is not to keep the government out of our wallets but instead keep them from putting money into keeping unhealthy food sources cheap in the first place.

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