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Praise the Potato

  For a long time, potatoes have gotten a bad rap and mainly because they’ve either been fried, or slathered in fattening dairy. But, the reality is that potatoes pack a punch…loaded with potassium, fiber and Vitamin C., you can’t go wrong with a delicious, baked potato. They are very versatile and are a great grab-and-go snack, especially when they’re oven-roasted Fingerlings, my favorite. Fingerlings cook quickly, taste a tad sweeter than most other potatoes, and look pretty. The versatility of the potato goes on for days and days. Here is a list of “Quick Ten” recipes that you can use to enhance any plant-strong dinner. Before you begin, get a five-pound bag of your favorite tuber and bake them all at once, this way you will have a stash to use for various meals and snacks. Here we go… 1. Simple snack. Throw a cooked, plain potato in your back-pack. When you are hungry, you’ve got the perfect snack to keep you going throughout the day. They are the perfect post-workout snack. Better than an energy bar, for sure! 2. Potato “Taboulleh.” While most of us think of taboulleh as a grain based dish, take two-three cooked potatoes and press them through a potato “ricer.” Add parsley, chopped tomatoes, mint, cucumbers, and lemon juice, gently mix, and you have a new spin on potatoes. Serve chilled. 3. Use potatoes [&hellip

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Plant-Strong™ Kids Week 7

It is hard to believe that we are in week 7 of our plant-strong™ kids series! This week we have recipes from Happy Herbivore and [&hellip

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Spotlight on Weight

Of all the health topics swirling around in American society and media today, weight captures more attention than almost any other issue. Currently, obesity is [&hellip

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My One Thread

This blog is from one of the Engine 2 Extra Fire Marshals – Anne T.! —– Let’s face it, navigating friendships when you’ve transitioned to [&hellip

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Chopping Vegetables With Jane

    Teaching a group to make their own nori rolls requires a bunch of prep work, especially when it’s a group of nearly 100 [&hellip

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Skip the Fancy Drinks, Chew Your Food

Skip the Fancy Drinks, Chew Your Food Smoothies and juicing have been growing in popularity over the past few years. Bright juices and blended smoothies [&hellip

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Plant-Strong™ Kids Week 6!

It’s out! Plant-Strong™ Kids Week 6! Many thanks to Lindsay from Happy Herbivore and Cathy from Straight Up Food for their recipe contributions! Catch up [&hellip

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Air Travel in the Plant-Strong Mode

The first time I ever boarded an airplane, my mother insisted that I wear a navy blue, linen suit. It was a time in air [&hellip

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Plant-Strong™ Kids Week 5!

We are really loving hearing about your kids getting plant-strong! Kathy wrote to us: “My two sons had been resisting for a long time. They [&hellip

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