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Why It’s So Worth It To Go Oil-Free

Why It’s So Worth It To Go Oil-Free Stop eating animal? Okay. Cut out dairy? Sure. Eat more fruits and veggies? You got it. Stop eating oil? Seriously? This is what went through my mind every time I tried to stop eating oil. I would get myself on board with the idea, knowing how it would benefit my health, and then a few days or at most, a few weeks in, I would give up. I told myself that I have already cut so many other foods out of my diet that I cannot possibly give up oil, too. Plus, oil is in EVERYTHING. How will I cook and bake? How will I enjoy my food? What on Earth will I eat? I have gone back and forth with this concept for almost a year. The first time I gave up oil, I did so under the assumption that taking this source of fat out of my diet would help to clear up my acne. And it did. I also shed a few extra pounds effortlessly. However, living at school and cooking for myself made it easy to live without oil. When I came home for the summer, I did not want to cook myself a separate meal from the rest of my family every single night. So, little by little, I allowed oil to creep back in to my [&hellip

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Adventures with Ami: Pears and Geometry

We have been working really hard to get our youth program set up in our new gym space.  Long hours, hard labor, joyful work, all [&hellip

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Plant-Strong Easter Menu

Easter is around the corner and many of you are preparing for your Easter brunch or dinner. We have some tips, recipes and suggestions on [&hellip

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A Bag of Potatoes, Microwaves and Being Kind

A few weeks ago I got this e-mail: “Hello, My name is Nancy I am 74 years old. I live on a fixed income and [&hellip

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Plant-Strong on the Go!

Plant-strong On The Go As college students, we are almost always on the move.  Some days, it seems like time just isn’t on our side.  [&hellip

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Adventures with Ami: What’s in Your Cup? Part 2

Last time we discussed sparkling waters. A bigger topic than one might imagine.  The seem to be the hot new thing out there.  Water can [&hellip

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Starting down the plant-strong path can often seem daunting. Sometimes the thought of changing every thing at once is a little overwhelming. So what if [&hellip

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Missing Out

“Everything in food works together to create health or disease. The more we think that a single chemical characterizes a whole food, the more we [&hellip

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I’ll be the first to admit, when I feel stress I want to eat. More so, I want to eat food that is definitely not [&hellip

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