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Summer’s End

If you’re a teacher, the summer really ends the first week of August. As a former teacher, I always looked forward to the return of school because it meant the beginning of a steady routine, both in my home and the classroom. And, it also meant lots of great discussions in the Teachers’ Lounge. I often think about how much I would love to be in the classroom again, but mainly for two reasons. Meatless Mondays and something I’d call Fruity Fridays. As Meatless Mondays become more popular, working with your teacher base might be a good way to implement a no-meat policy once a week at your school. Here are a few thoughts that might help to bring more veggies and fruits to your local school: -Along with your school administrator, implement a “No Meat Monday” for teachers. Start behind the scenes to empower your co-workers with the benefits of eating plants. Bring in some recipes–there are some great ones on Engine 2 that would ignite everyone’s interest in eating better. Better than that, bring in your favorite E2 dish and serve it in the teachers’ lounge…they will love you! -Work with your PTO. I often marveled at the ability that the PTO had in helping to mobilize a thought or concept. An all grade veggie potluck might be a fun way to start! -Offer a challenge to your [&hellip

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Smokey Cheez Sauce

  1 can reduced sodium cannellini beans with liquid 4 tablespoons nutritional yeast 3 tablespoons Ninja Squirrel Sriracha Sauce – or other brand if not [&hellip

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Plant-Strong Kids Week 8

This week is all about lunch! We have lunchbox ideas and tips plus a bunch of plant-strong lunch recipes! Week 8  If your child/children have [&hellip

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Praise the Potato

  For a long time, potatoes have gotten a bad rap and mainly because they’ve either been fried, or slathered in fattening dairy. But, the [&hellip

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Plant-Strong™ Kids Week 7

It is hard to believe that we are in week 7 of our plant-strong™ kids series! This week we have recipes from Happy Herbivore and [&hellip

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Spotlight on Weight

Of all the health topics swirling around in American society and media today, weight captures more attention than almost any other issue. Currently, obesity is [&hellip

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My One Thread

This blog is from one of the Engine 2 Extra Fire Marshals – Anne T.! —– Let’s face it, navigating friendships when you’ve transitioned to [&hellip

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Chopping Vegetables With Jane

    Teaching a group to make their own nori rolls requires a bunch of prep work, especially when it’s a group of nearly 100 [&hellip

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Skip the Fancy Drinks, Chew Your Food

Skip the Fancy Drinks, Chew Your Food Smoothies and juicing have been growing in popularity over the past few years. Bright juices and blended smoothies [&hellip

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