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Air Travel in the Plant-Strong Mode

The first time I ever boarded an airplane, my mother insisted that I wear a navy blue, linen suit. It was a time in air travel when family and loved ones could actually board the plane with you. And when the captain announced that the plane would soon take off, non-passengers vacated the plane. It was a sweet time in America. Flash forward some forty-plus years, and air travel is an entirely new experience. Between your first encounter with the TSA, and trying to board the plane, it isn’t fun anymore. Plus, if you are plant-strong, you have to think about packing food that the TSA won’t confiscate. These days, I am the woman who travels with one small suitcase, stuffed with lots of black clothing, two pairs of shoes (one running), and that’s about it! Other than clothing, my small suitcase is generally stuffed with brown rice, organic, decaffeinated green tea, oatmeal, Engine 2 tortillas, and raisins. And, let’s face it, no plant-strong suitcase would be complete without a gallon bag filled with Rip’s Big Bowl (let all the air out before closing and it fits well, packed between t-shirts (most of them say thing like KALE on them). You might even find a cooked yam or potato! Part of the trick in packing for travel is that you have to cover yourself for airport delays, air travel, and [&hellip

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Plant-Strong™ Kids Week 5!

We are really loving hearing about your kids getting plant-strong! Kathy wrote to us: “My two sons had been resisting for a long time. They [&hellip

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Finding Engine 2

We all have a back story to the beginning of our own plant-strong-journey. Mine began in a Whole Foods Market when I saw a copy [&hellip

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Engine 2 Summer Kids Series: Week 4!

Hard to believe we are already in week 4 of our Summer Kids Series! How are your kids doing? Plant Strong Kids™ Week 4 And [&hellip

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Adventures With Ami: Summer Ingredients

Part of what I love so much about summer is the availability of fresh produce.  It is one of my simple pleasures to slice up [&hellip

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Ann Crile Esselstyn and Jane Esselstyn

How We Met Four years ago, I went to Austin, Texas, to the inaugural Engine 2 Retreat.  It was a weeklong event that featured speakers [&hellip

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BCBS Providence, RI

We love to hear about companies teaming up for an Engine 2 Challenge! On Monday, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Providence, RI (BCBSRI) kicked off [&hellip

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Plant-Strong™ Summer Kids Series: Week 3! Plus, Tips For Teens By Teens

  It is week 3 of our Plant-Strong™ Summer Kids Series! Download our easy-to-print PDF here: PlantStrongKidsWeek3! Thanks to Jeff Novick and Lindsay Nixon for the [&hellip

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Plant-Strong Kids Summer Series: Week 2

  We hope you enjoyed the first week of our summer series just for kids! Now it is onto week 2! PlantStrongKidsWeek2 Did you miss [&hellip

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