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How Karl got plant-strong!

A lot of people out there have various excuses for not going plant-strong. Today we hear from Karl who definitely had some valid excuses, but [&hellip

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Adventures with Ami: My Story.

I have always struggled with my weight. I was a chubby kid and adolescent.  Food was my comfort. Every year a few more pounds. I [&hellip

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“I turned 63 years old in October and my body is feeling lighter, cleaner as a result of the Engine 2 Diet.”

Dear Rip, Your book was one of a number I purchased and read in my search for a weight loss program for my husband. But after I [&hellip

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” And at the end of each day, I know I’m doing what’s better for me. “

(Jeff Novick and Dr. Esselstyn doing a cooking demo at our last immersion) Kristen went to one of our immersion retreats and is sharing her [&hellip

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Guest post by E2-er, Monique “Water Fitness “Pros”!

Monique (our guest blogger) before and after! Water Fitness “Pros”! Hello fellow Herbivores! My name is Monique, and I am a plant-strong, formerly over weight, [&hellip

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“I have gone down 4 sizes and now have the dilemma of shopping in new areas in the department stores, I did not realize how hard that would be!”

Thank you to everyone who entered the giveaway for “The Pleasure Trap“! We are excited to get started on the  book club and that so [&hellip

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Kara’s incredible story: “For the first time in 10 years, my memory is working again!!!”

Kara before and after. Plant-Strong for a Reason Thanksgiving 2001 While sitting completely still listening to my mother talk at the dinner table, my entire [&hellip

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“Instead of having a “fear of dying,” I now focus on the “joy of living.”

My Story: First, please let me introduce myself. My name is Milton.  I was born in 1938 on a farm/commercial apple orchard in western North [&hellip

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Rob started running and changed his eating habits to honor his father

We asked E2-ers to write about what activities they love to do. Today, read about Rob’s journey and how he got into running. If you [&hellip

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