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Guest post by Lani: Can ‘bored’ be a sign of plant-strong diet progress?

First, big bouquets of bok choy and kale kisses to readers of the Daily Beet here at Engine 2 Diet for the huge number of [&hellip

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“I have gone down 4 sizes and now have the dilemma of shopping in new areas in the department stores, I did not realize how hard that would be!”

Thank you to everyone who entered the giveaway for “The Pleasure Trap“! We are excited to get started on the  book club and that so [&hellip

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Guest Post by Lani: Fire Cadet or Firefighter? Giveaway! PLUS Advanced Nutrition Study Weekend

Lani is back from teaching at the McDougall Advanced Study weekend and shares with us a few thoughts, PLUS a giveaway! See Lani’s post for [&hellip

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Farm to Table a success in Tampa!

Farm to Table (Curtis, Healthy Eating Specialist at the Tampa Whole Foods) Whole Foods Market Tampa, in partnership with Sweetwater Organic Community Farm hosted the [&hellip

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Plant-strong in college!

We have a special guest post by Happy Herbivore Intern, Nicole on how to stay plant-strong in college. Hi there! My name is Nicole Raphael [&hellip

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Get moving with Zumba!

Time to get up and get moving! Today E2-er Dawn shares with us all about Zumba! Zumba: A Workout for everyone. 60 minutes of great music and [&hellip

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“Instead of having a “fear of dying,” I now focus on the “joy of living.”

My Story: First, please let me introduce myself. My name is Milton.  I was born in 1938 on a farm/commercial apple orchard in western North [&hellip

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Guest post by Lani: Plant-strong in Panama: How to travel anywhere in the world and easily stick to your plant-based diet

Lani was off in Panama (hmm, she didn’t invite us to come with her ) She has some great tips to share about traveling and [&hellip

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Rob started running and changed his eating habits to honor his father

We asked E2-ers to write about what activities they love to do. Today, read about Rob’s journey and how he got into running. If you [&hellip

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