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21 Mar Allergies: Nuts and Seeds

We have covered allergies to gluten and soy, today we look at nuts and seeds. I (Natala if you weren't sure) :) mentioned earlier this week that I almost killed my husband with nuts before we got married.. The thing is that I knew about his...

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20 Mar Allergies: Soy and other Beans.

(the soy bean) Yesterday we learned all about gluten and how to shop if you are gluten intolerant. Today we are tackling soy and other beans. First, let's clear some stuff up about soy. The soy bean has been around for a long time. Most people think tofu...

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19 Mar Food Allergies: Gluten

Natala here, reporting for allergy shopping duty! Why am I writing about allergies? Because I once, almost killed my husband before we even started dating. You would think that almost killing someone would be some kind of warning sign, but my husband looked past that and...

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