Go Plant-Strong!

“…the idea that whole foods, plant-based diets can protect against and even treat a wide variety of chronic diseases can no longer be denied…now there are hundreds of detailed, comprehensive, well-done research studies that point in the same direction….” T. Colin Campbell, The China Study

The Engine 2 Diet is based on peer-reviewed, medical research science that shows a low-fat, plant-based diet can prevent, and in many cases reverse chronic western diseases — cancer, heart disease, Type II Diabetes and more — with the added bonus of healthy weight loss! All by simply changing the foods we choose to eat.

Don’t take it from us — explore the research yourself.

Alzheimer’s Disease: Overview and Risk Factors


Although Alzheimer’s disease does not directly cause death, life expectancy after diagnosis is decreased by as much as 50 percent.


Alzheimer’s Association 2008 Research Summary

by Alzheimer’s Association, 2008

Review discusses developments in the detection, treatment, and prevention of Alheimer’s disease. Findings indicate physical fitness, a diet rich in fruits and vegetables, and weight management can contribute to maintenance of brain health.
Source: Alzheimer’s Association, 2008