Rip’s Big Bowl

This has been my mainstay breakfast for more than twenty years. I never get sick of it and no two bowls are ever quite the same, depending on which fruits are in season and the milk substitute I have on hand.
This was also a favorite recipe for most of the E2 Pilot Study participants. As a seven-year old daughter of one of the E2 participants said, “I look forward to waking up in the morning just so I can have my Rip’s Bowl.”
Let your appetite be your guide as to the size of your bowl.

  • Prep Time 15 min.
  • Total Time 15min
  • Serves 1


1/4 cup raw old-fashioned oats

 1/4 cup Grape Nuts or Ezekiel brand equivalent

 1/4 cup bite-size shredded wheat

 1/4 cup Uncle Sam cereal

 1 tablespoon ground flaxseed meal

 2 tablespoons raisins

 2 tablespoons walnuts

 1 banana, sliced

 1 kiwi, sliced

 Segments of one grapefruit and juice

 ¾ cup milk substitute of choice


Toss all ingredients except the grapefruit and milk substitute into a bowl.

After cutting grapefruit in half, use a small, sharp knife to remove the segments. Add segments to the top of the bowl and squeeze in the juice.

 Top the bowl with milk substitute.


In a pinch, simply add water (the fruits blend with the water and give it a sweet taste)

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  • Kimberly

    I was scared to try this – Grapefruit AND its juice in a bowl of cereal – especially mixed with the milk?? I decided to go for it, and WOW! I can’t eat kiwi, so I used raspberries instead, and used unsweetened vanilla almond milk. DELICIOUS!

  • Joe Eats Vegs

    Hey All – just a thought. If you are on statins you want to skip the grapefruit part. It’s delish without! Thanks Rip!

  • Jen

    Didn’t have ALL the ingredients but, used the Shredded Wheat and Uncle Sam Cereal with Strawberries and Almond milk (unsweetened) and a banana. What a change from Over Sweetened Cereals. This is my first meal of this type, can’t wait to try more.

  • Leaf

    What are grape nuts, what is shredded wheat and what is Uncle Sam cereal?

    • Cocotree

      Just google it, they are cereals that you can get at most grocery stores.

      • Carolyn Bruce

        Most grocery stores in the US … not in Australia, and probably not in most other countries either. That’s why it’s so frustrating trying to follow these recipes when you can’t get the ingredients!

    • Karl Hungus

      Grape nuts is a venereal disease.

      • John

        Men, nobody is talking about disease.

  • Susan Walsh

    What is Uncle Sam cereal? And where can a Canadian get it.

    • Sharon

      Sorry Im new- love your question,but can’t find where to read answers?

    • Lori

      I know you can get it from Amazon.

    • Beachgrammy53

      WalMart is the only store that sells it around here. It’s a Wheatberry flakes and flaxseed cereal.

  • Jaque

    Is there a way to do this gluten free ?

  • Carlos

    is this safe for 8 year old kids? thx.

    • dsafsd

      No. If an 8 year old eats this, they will explode. You need to be at least 9 years old to attempt eating this cereal.

    • ShrimpCaptain

      This is such a ludicrous question that at first I kept re-reading it, thinking I somehow wasn’t getting the joke. It’s REAL FOOD, people! Any real food is safe for kids of any age! (Unless a specific person has an allergy to a specific ingredient, of course.) Sheesh! ( I thought the first sarcastic reply about 9-year-olds was simply hilarious!)

      • howiehandles

        Glad the best you could do is add an insult.

  • Kathy

    Delicious and Filling!

  • Jolanda

    Makkelijk te maken en erg lekker. In plaats van rozijnen heb ik een gedroogde dadel in stukjes er bij gedaan.

    • sannie

      hi Jolanda,

      Hoe heb je de verschillende onderdelen kunnen vinden in NL? Havermout lukt me nog, maar de andere cereal kan ik niet vinden…

  • leslie

    Grape Nuts calorie to sodium ratio, 210:270, makes it inappropriate for the diet. Tofu’s fat content also disqualifies it. Why are the included in the diet?

    • Alan

      I must have missed something. I did not see Tofu in the recipe. Also you seem to be making a mountain out of a molehill.

  • Lynnboo

    The simple answer is that this recipe provides a foundation meal for my busy life. Some days I eat it in the AM and some days I eat it in the PM. I substitute oranges for the grapefruit which I loathe. I put it all in a reused plastic take-away container with a plastic bottle of cashew milk, and I stay full for hours afterward. The genius in this recipe is the use of a TBSP of ground flaxseed, as it works as a kind of thickening agent. The overall product is yummy and I know I’m keeping my cholesterol down and my belly trim (nothing like a bloated belly to ruin the line of a fabulous dress), eating it. Sigh…I wish everything in life was this easy! Thanks Rip!!

  • Naoma

    Can you use other cereals and fruits

  • Beachgrammy53

    I love this cereal! I wish I could find an accurate source that shows the nutrition. I have to count ALL my calories :(

  • The Vegan Junction

    I love the simplicity of an oatmeal/whole grain cereal and fruit bowl. Just throw it all in. Quick and easy, yet super satisfying!

  • Fireweed431

    I was pleasantly surprised by how much I like this combination! I was worried it wouldn’t be sweet enough, but with raspberries, strawberries and bananas on top it was delicious!

  • the40yroldvirgin

    hell yeah, this weekend I start the 28 day journey I’m excited!

  • Debbie

    I make this in a huge container ahead of time. I eat it atleast 5 days a week. Always a sliced banana & then alternate between blueberries & raspberries. Top with homemade almond milk. Delicious!!

  • Chele Belle

    I love this for breakfast… Almost too much!! Here’s my dilemma… What is the best milk substitute?! I saw on one of the cooking episodes Silk Purealmond, but I can’t find it anywhere!

    • Debbie

      I make homemade almond milk. Soak 1 cup raw almonds overnight then rinse. Add the almonds plus 3 cups water to blender. Blend well. Drain the mixture through a milk nut bag. You have 3 cups of almond milk. You can then use what is left in the bag as flour. Store in freezer. The milk is only fresh for 3 days.

      • Chele Belle

        Thank you, I had decided to do this already, but I’m frugal and didn’t want to throw any away!! Lmbo so thank you for an idea for the pulp. Do I dry it out, then freeze?

        • Debbie

          I put mine right in the freezer & it came out just fine. We used it to make cookie balls

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