Is eating plant-based foods joyless and boring?

The longer you’re on the E2 Diet, the more your palate will change. Think about milk, for instance. Since it’s well known that whole milk is not good for you, you’ve probably cut back to 2 percent or skim. At first, I bet that skim milk tasted like water. Then you became accustomed to it so when you tried whole milk again, it tasted like liquid paint. Your palate had changed.

It’s the same with adding oil to your foods. Anthony Salerno, one of the E2 Pilot Study participants, is a fourth-generation Italian-American who thought he couldn’t live without his olive oil. But after six weeks on the E2 Diet, he found he enjoyed meals more without it—the oil, he realized, disguised their true flavors. When he returned to using olive oil, he found it tasted as though he’d poured synthetic goo on his food.

Foods taste better without being dunked in butter, drenched in margarine, or saturated with sour cream. Plant-based foods are absolutely glorious in their sublimeness. Without all the extra fat and processed flavors drowning them out, you’ll finally get to taste nuances you might never have noticed: the tang of a ripe red bell pepper, the zest of a Cara Cara orange, or the zing of a plate of lacinato kale with roasted garlic—foods bursting with flavors all their own.