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17 Aug Core #3 Pike-Ups

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The exercise to help you get the proverbial “six pack.” Depending on strength, choose one or the other.
V-Up: Sit on your bottom with your arms by your sides, hands on the ground and your fingers pointed forward, and your feet flat on the ground. Pull your knees together into your chest, raise your feet off the ground two to three inches, and balance on your bottom. Extend your legs and feet forward on a five count until they are straight in front of you. Hold this pose for one second and then bring your knees back to your chest.

Pike-Up: Lie face up on the ground with your arms over your head. In one fluid motion, bring your arms and legs up at the same time until your hands touch your feet. Come back to the starting position.

Beginners: 5 to 10 seated V-ups, Intermediate: 15 to 25 seated V-ups, Advanced: 30-50 pike-ups

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Stephanie Redcross
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