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17 Aug Cardiovascular Workout #1 Squat Thrusts

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Begin in the standing position with your hands by your sides. Now bend over and place your hands on the ground in front of each foot. Keeping your legs slightly bent, throw both legs behind you like a kicking donkey so you are in the plank push-up pose. Immediately bring both legs up to your chest so you are once again in squatting position and stand up.

Beginners: Walk your legs back one at a time into plank position instead of thrusting both, then walk back to squatting position. 10 reps.

Intermediate: Squat down, donkey-kick legs out into plank position, thrust back to squat and then instead of standing up, jump in the air. 20 reps.

Advanced: After thrusting legs into plank position, add a push-up, then thrust your legs back to chest and stand. 30 reps

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Stephanie Redcross
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