Exercise & Stretch

Let Rip guide you through these simple stretches and exercises. Whatever your level of fitness – you can do these! Each 30 second or one-minute videos from Rip offer a demonstration of the stretch or exercise with directions for beginners, intermediates, and advanced. We recommend spending the time to warm up your body with theses stretches before going through the exercises.

Introduction to stretching

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Stretch: Sun Salutation

A wonderful way to start the morning.

Stretch: Kicking Toe Stretch

You alternate between leg kicks

Stretch: Side Stretch

Standing tall & starting on your right side

Stretch: Tunk Stretch

Standing with your hands on your hips

Stretch: Barrel Roll

Pivot the upper-half of your body

Stretch: Arm Circles

Large circles going opposite directions

Stretch: Toe Touches

Touch toes & stretch to the sky

Stretch: Funky Stretch

Lift one foot up behind your body

Stretch: Calf Stretch

A combination of two calf stretches

Leg Workout#1

Squat, Then Stand

Upper Body Workout #1 Modified Pushups

Incline or traditional push-ups

Core Workout #1 Flutter Kicks

Raise your legs together 6-12 inches off the floor

Cardiovascular Workout #1 Squat Thrusts

Stand, squat, thrust, stand up again

Leg Workout #2 Lunges

Take a large step forward opposite knee gently hits the ground

Upper Body #2 Seated Chair Drops

Sit in a chair then slide yourself forward

Core #2 Plank Pose

We challenge you to work up to five minutes of the plank pose

Legs #3 Step-Ups

Pushing off with your raised leg, keep rear leg relaxed

Upper Body #3 Downward Dog

Make your body into an inverted “V”

Core #3 Pike-Ups

Helps you get the proverbial “six pack”

Cardiovascular #3 Mountain Climbers

Jump spread legs apart, then land

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