Week 1

“This first week is about making mistakes and learning what works for you.”

Are you a Fire Cadet or a Firefighter?

Fire Cadets – you’d prefer to gradually wean yourself from unfriendly food.

Week one is about dropping ALL dairy and processed food. That includes milk, cream, cheese, yogurt, butter, ice cream, sour cream. Cheese is the greatest source of artery-clogging saturated fat in the American diet. And the animal protein found in milk products, called casein, has been proven to be tumor and cancer promoting. For a thorough explanation of the dangers of animal protein and dairy products, please check out our Science section.

Processed Foods to get rid of: everything white: rice, pasta, bread – plus processed cakes and cookies, fried chips and soda.

Firefighters – you’re ready to go from day one. Drop all meat products, processed foods and added oils and use the Engine 2 tools to stick to it for 28-Days!

What To Remember This Week: This first week is about making mistakes and learning what works for you. It’s critical to keep a food log to stay accountable, keep your head in the game, and discover opportunities for correction.

How do I get calcium if I drop dairy?
Here’s the sad irony. Despite the highly successful ad campaign, milk does not do your body any good. (read more) Here’s the problem: the animal protein in milk increases the acidity in the bloodstream. To offset the increased acid load and even out your body’s pH levels, your body will leach calcium – a strong base – from your bones – doing the opposite of what you intended by consuming dairy!

You can get all the calcium you need from sources without animal protein that contradict your body’s ability to absorb it. Try fortified non-dairy milks and cereals and load up on your leafy greens! Spinach, Kale, Collard Greens, Turnip Greens – all great sources of calcium.

Week One Meal Planner

Please note: Meals listed in the E2 Weekly Planners can all be found in the Engine 2 Diet book. The web site offers a sampling of the book’s recipes.

Week One Grocery List

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