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Mardi Gras!

Tomorrow is Mardi Gras! Louisiana is known for their Mardi Gras celebrations. Not known for the healthy eating, we thought we’d we’d ask: what does [&hellip

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“Instead of having a “fear of dying,” I now focus on the “joy of living.”

My Story: First, please let me introduce myself. My name is Milton.  I was born in 1938 on a farm/commercial apple orchard in western North [&hellip

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Happy Birthday Rip!

Today is Rip’s birthday! If you would like to leave Rip a birthday message, please do so in the comments!

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Guest post by Lani: Plant-strong in Panama: How to travel anywhere in the world and easily stick to your plant-based diet

Lani was off in Panama (hmm, she didn’t invite us to come with her ) She has some great tips to share about traveling and [&hellip

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Happy Valentine’s Day!

**Just a warning, this post might be a little more PG-13 today** We thought this video might be fitting for today: And now, a guest [&hellip

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Hiking with a purpose!

We continue our series on different ways to get active. Today we hear from E2-er Keith about geocaching! He got us totally hooked, we decided [&hellip

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Rob started running and changed his eating habits to honor his father

We asked E2-ers to write about what activities they love to do. Today, read about Rob’s journey and how he got into running. If you [&hellip

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Getting started with a workout.

The winner of Everyday Happy Herbivore by random drawing is BRUCE! We will be contacting you soon! We will be having more giveaways soon, in [&hellip

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Guest post by Lindsay Nixon: Simplifying meals. Plus! Win a copy of Every Day Happy Herbivore!

Lindsay Nixon, from Happy Herbivore is back, talking about simplicity. One of the reasons why we love Lindsay is that in both of her books, [&hellip

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