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How to Become a Plant-Strong Shopping Rock Star!

(this is how Rip walks into the grocery store) Monday we learned all about how a shopping trip could end in tears and disaster. Today [&hellip

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Grocery Store Melt Down.

A post by Engine 2 Team member, Natala… There I was. Ready to go, I had my good sneakers on, my reusable bags in hand [&hellip

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Guest post by E2-er, Monique “Water Fitness “Pros”!

Monique (our guest blogger) before and after! Water Fitness “Pros”! Hello fellow Herbivores! My name is Monique, and I am a plant-strong, formerly over weight, [&hellip

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Name our next book!

Hey E2ers! I have a new book coming out in April of 2013 and we don’t have a great title yet. The new book contains two [&hellip

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Guest post by Lani: Can ‘bored’ be a sign of plant-strong diet progress?

First, big bouquets of bok choy and kale kisses to readers of the Daily Beet here at Engine 2 Diet for the huge number of [&hellip

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A Pant-Strong PSA

E2 Immersion graduate, Allison shares a very important public service announcement, this one is especially for the guys. It’s true, if you want to be [&hellip

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Book Club Week 1

Happy Herbivore has posted the discussion questions for week one of the book club! Don’t worry if you haven’t started the book yet, you can [&hellip

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“I have gone down 4 sizes and now have the dilemma of shopping in new areas in the department stores, I did not realize how hard that would be!”

Thank you to everyone who entered the giveaway for “The Pleasure Trap“! We are excited to get started on the  book club and that so [&hellip

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Book Club! Plus a giveaway!

Happy Herbivore had the wonderful idea to start an online book club. We loved the idea and thought we would join in the fun as [&hellip

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