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Saving Time With Char: Mighty Bean Muffins!

  Saving Time with Char On the Road Again It’s early morning, and I am running late.  I still have that engrained “breakfast is the [&hellip

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Tuesdays With Jeff. Insights Into Your Health: How Much Protein Do We Really Need?

First! Our two winners from last weeks giveaway: Camilla Blossom and “New Mexico Troyer”! Please e-mail: giveaway@engine2.com  For all of you who did not win [&hellip

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Adventures With Ami: Fueling An Awesome Machine

Helping the new 2013 USA Boxing Elite Men’s Super Heavyweight National Champion become plant-strong last year is one of my proudest accomplishments.  He’s a fine [&hellip

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The College Greens: Morning Workouts

Morning workouts It is 8:30am. Tara is sitting at her computer, starting to draft this blog post. Already, she has run 10 miles, showered, dressed, [&hellip

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Saving Time With Char: Veggies en Papillote

Saving Time with Char Oo-La-La…Veggies en Papillote Oh, I know, it sounds so fancy.  Broccoli en Papillote.  But, really, all you are doing is using [&hellip

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Tuesdays With Jeff: Insights Into Your Health

We are excited to have Jeff Novick, MS, RD as a weekly contributor at Engine 2! Jeff has helped 1000′s of people around the globe, [&hellip

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Adventures with Ami: Feed Cam. F. Awesome (The Plant-Based Boxer) PLUS a New Recipe!

This week you can find me in Spokane, WA for the USA Boxing National Championships along with Cam. F Awesome – the plant-based boxer ( www.plantbasedboxer.com ) [&hellip

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Week of Inspiration: Day 2, Kara

Kara before and after. Plant-Strong for a Reason Thanksgiving 2001 While sitting completely still listening to my mother talk at the dinner table, my entire [&hellip

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Plant-Strong Easter!

How do you have a plant-strong Easter? Let’s start with Easter baskets! Skip the junk food and sugar this year and fill baskets with fun [&hellip

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