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26 Jul When People Give You a Hard Time.

*Natala here* When my husband and I went plant-strong you would have thought, given our terrible health and suffering, everyone would have been 100% supportive of any healthy change we made. Instead we got a lot of back lash from friends, family, mean comments, and tons of...

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25 Jul Home Salad Bar!

Our "Great Salad Challenge" is still underway on facebook! A few days ago we saw this GREAT idea by E2-er Karen, and we asked her to write about it. A few months ago, we visited a Whole Foods & loaded up on garden fresh goodness from the...

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23 Jul 2013 Engine 2 Immersions!

*many thanks to E2-er, Stella for this amazing photo from our San Francisco Immersion! We need your help! We are looking for the perfect spots for our 2013 Engine 2 Immersions! If you've been to a beautiful farm, scenic events venue, or out-of-the-ordinary conference center or hotel -...

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16 Jul The Great Salad Challenge

We decided that it was a great week to have a salad challenge! Here are some guidelines and tips: 1. Plant-Strong! 2. No animals or animal products (including dairy, eggs, fish) 3. No oil! Why no oil? 4. Follow our label reading rules when it comes to things like...

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