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Adventures with Ami: Dust & Cravings

I am writing to you from the basement of our new house in St Louis.  It’s a 1927 brick bungalow and we are remodeling.  It’s [&hellip

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Saving Time With Char: Engine 2 to the Rescue (Plus a giveaway!)

Saving Time with Char Engine 2 to the Rescue! When I first met Rip Esselstyn three years ago, my ears were in overdrive when he [&hellip

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Tuesdays With Jeff: Insights Into Your Health: The 10 Healthiest Packaged Foods. Plus a Spice Giveaway!

The 10 Healthiest Packaged Foods ©Jeff Novick, MS, RD The healthiest foods are the foods that come straight out of the garden and are consumed [&hellip

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Adventures with Ami: Some Like it Hot

When having a choice of mild, medium or hot, I always pick hot.  From Thai food to salsa, I like heat.  I grow hot peppers [&hellip

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Swimsuit Ready.

*An old advertisement to put ON pounds for swimsuit season. I’ve had this love hate relationship with swimming and bathing suits in the past. Mostly, I hate [&hellip

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Keeping it Simple.

I am sharing the following e-mails with permission, but the person asked for me not to use their real name. This exchange is from last [&hellip

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Tuesdays with Jeff: Insights Into Your Health: The Calorie Paradox

The Calorie Paradox: Is Your Plant Based Diet A Vegetable Based, Nut Based or Starch Based Diet? Jeff Novick, MS, RD Over the years, I [&hellip

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Adventures with Ami: Plant-Strong Remodel

I spent the weekend analyzing drawer space in refrigerators for all the produce we go through and rack space in ovens for the trays of [&hellip

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From Severe Heart Disease to Plant-Strong, Diana’s Incredible Story

  In January of 2011 at 37-years-old, I started to have migraine headaches. I had never experienced a migraine before and this one had been [&hellip

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