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Keeping it Simple

When I started this way of eating I was very sick, life threatening kind of sick. I remember reading my first book on plant-based nutrition, [&hellip

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Saving Time with Char: The Mighty Potato

Saving Time with Char Summer Update People still ask me the potato question.  It is the number one question I get, after the time thing.  [&hellip

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Tuesdays With Jeff: Insights Into Your Health: How To Find a Plant-Based Doctor

How To Find a Plant-Based Doctor ©Caldwell Esselstyn, Jr., MD ©Jeff Novick, MS, RD Introduction ©Jeff Novick, MS, RD Over the last few years, I [&hellip

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Step-by-Step Mexican Lentil Loaf from Engine 2 Extra Coach, Ami

I’ve been making a lentil loaf for a while now.  It’s always a favorite at our house. I thought I might try a different take [&hellip

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Being the Bearer of Bad News

Being the Bearer of Bad News by Tara of The College Greens Most of the time, I love it when people ask me questions about [&hellip

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Tuesdays With Jeff: Insights Into Your Health: Should You Take Supplements?

Q.Do you recommend a multi-vitamin or other supplements? There is no single answer to this question and so I look at this from several perspectives. [&hellip

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Adventures With Ami: August + A Recipe for Raspberry Radish Salad

August in Saint Louis brought peach and nectarine season. Local farms harvested the biggest peaches this year that were just amazing.  I am still having [&hellip

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Plant-Strong Learning

When I started on my plant-strong journey, all I wanted was to absorb as much information as possible. I think most of us have been [&hellip

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Learning How To go Fast Through Going Slow: Mike Portman

When an individual becomes adapted to a certain distance, or time, in a long run/ride/swim then it’s easy for the competitive person to train those [&hellip

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