What’s On Your PL8? – Keith Montgomery




I was born in Memphis, TN, and I am 45 years old. I met Lynda, my college sweet heart at the University Of Alabama ( Roll Tide ), and we settled down on Long Island in 1993 very close to where she grew up. We have 4 *awesome* children – Sarah (21), Megan (20), David (17), and Jacob (15). A replacement heart valve at 36 corrected a congenital heart disease which kept me less active than most growing up. With the cardiovascular systems of a 20 year old after my surgery, I am even more ridiculously passionate about everything I do. Among my favorite things, are skiing and snowboarding. I also enjoy road biking, mountain biking, and running when not skiing or snowboarding. Watch for Lynda and I as we run our 2nd marathon in NYC this November. We will be the ones wearing the #PLANT-STRONG T-shirts! Shout out if you see us!! Yahoo!

1. How long have you been plant-strong?

I started working my way toward a plant based diet in the summer of 2014, vegetarian by thanksgiving, Plant-Strong at Christmas. I can honestly say that not going cold-turkey helped me a ton. I was able to slowly work things out of my meal plan, changing them for plant strong alternatives. The Engine2 Family has been my biggest influence, and has changed my whole attitude and relationship that I have with food. My latest Engine 2 Extra Challenge, The Captain’s Plan, has really opened my eyes. In one way it is more restrictive, but on the other hand it is so easy to prepare meals. I am doing this challenge along side my fellow E2’er Theresa, and my wife.

2. What kind of meal really turns you on?

There isn’t a specific type, or a specific dish.. but Anything that is vibrant and rich in culture… For example, one night Lynda made Plant-Strong Sushi Rolls. She had setup dinner on our coffee table with a Japanese tea pot, cups, wasabi, ginger,chop sticks, and sliced rolls set around just as if we had ordered a super spread from a restaurant. It was amazing.

3. Name one condiment you can’t live without:

This is a hard one, but given you have asked for one, I am going to go with Sriracha.

4. What do you love about your kitchen?

My kitchen is the bomb. I mean it is awesome. My daughter works for Cutco, so we have awesome pots, pans, knives, and an awesome island for prepping things! The Blendtec blender is one of my favorite tools in the kitchen. It makes being plant-strong easy and fun.

5. When did your plant-strong “ah-ha” moment come?

I need to answer this in two parts because I was influenced after my brother in law had a massive heart attack ( a widow maker ) , and his doctor prescribed the E2 diet. He was very lucky. He survived only because he was in the hospital and treated under 90 mins. I knew it was the right thing to do logically , but I still had doubts about sustaining this as a lifestyle. When we made Plant-Strong sushi at home, that was the nail in the coffin for my old lifestyle. It was exciting, and my real “ah-ha” moment. Best of all, we make it ourselves now, and enjoy it at home!

6. If stranded on a deserted island, what one food and beverage would you have with you?

Wow – these are hard questions! Sweet Potatoes and Blue-Berry Bliss Herbal tea! Sweet Potatoes can be made in so many different ways and Blueberry Bliss takes me to a really awesome place. 🙂
7. Who is the one person you’d like to see plant-strong and why?

My mother. She has struggled her whole life with food choices, and at this point I believe it is robbing her of so many things in her life. I wish she could have the strength to commit to a month to see how awesome being plant strong is, how awesome it tastes, and how much it changes your life for the better without giving up anything.

8. Curly or Lacinato

Lacinato Kale of course!! Dinosaur Kale is awesome, especially if you massage it with an awesome plant strong dressing! It is super hearty, and looks super cool!!

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