Seven-Day Rescue Challenge Toolkit

Transform Your Team’s Health With a Plant-Strong Test Drive

The Engine 2 Seven-Day Rescue Corporate Toolkit offers a turnkey corporate wellness solution that is not only fun and engaging for your entire team — it gets results!

During our Engine 2 weeklong immersions, implementing the Seven-Day Rescue guidelines resulted in these average results:

Cholesterol -26 mg/dl
LDL cholesterol – 24 mg/dl
Triglycerides -23 mg/dl
Blood pressure – 10/5 mm/Hg
Weight – 3.0 lbs

New York Times Bestselling Author Rip Esselstyn has helped more than 25,000 people transform their health through the power of plants in his global Seven-Day Rescue program. Now he’s bringing his program to incredible organizations across the world. The Engine 2 Seven-Day Rescue Corporate Toolkit brings the fun, excitement and inspiration of the Challenge to YOUR office.


Change your approach to food and enjoy fun new meal ideas for JUST SEVEN DAYS. Your employees will feel better and enjoy greater health. Plus, you’re going to have a TON of fun. Here’s what you’ll get with your Engine 2 Seven-Day Rescue Corporate Toolkit digital download package (all available for immediate download to print at your office or organization):

– Facilitator’s Guide: This is the master key to running a successful Challenge in your organization. 
– Official Challenge Guide Booklet: This is the roadmap for your employees during their seven days.
– Kickoff Party Tools: Launch your challenge with a bang with our kickoff party guide – recipes, and downloadable party templates will help you start your Challenge.
– Wrap-Up Party Tools: Celebrate a successful Challenge with this start-to-finish Challenge Wrap-Up Party Guide.
– Signage: Spread the word across your office by downloading and printing our custom Challenge signage templates.
– Corporate Communications: Keep your team in the loop and motivated throughout the Challenge with short, fun email templates that help get your team on board.
– Social Media Shares: Let your clients and prospects know that you prioritize employee wellness with these social media posts.

Have more than 100 employees? Contact us regarding custom offerings.