Plant-Stock: Our Favorite Summer Celebration

Plant-stock: Our Favorite Summer Celebration

The famous Woodstock music festival was a hub of counter-culture, where people from all walks of life came together in a celebration of peace, love, and music in the summer of 1969. Engine 2’s Plant-stock weekend could be considered much the same, except plants take center stage in this celebration (although music and dancing are part of these festivities as well).

For us, Plant-stock has become like a family reunion. It’s where we first met the Engine 2 team and started our journey to becoming The College Greens. Although we haven’t been writing much lately—life has us pretty tied up at the moment—our passion for plant-strong eating is still a core part of who we are. Each year, coming back to the farm feels a little like coming home. It’s a weekend that we look forward to all year. Year to year, the key parts of Plant-stock that make it such a wonderful, enriching event stay the same—but the new speakers, new crowds, and new conversations are what keep us coming back. We always leave with fond new memories and a renewed sense of excitement about this movement. There is something so powerful about bringing together a group of passionate people to celebrate and learn together. Plant-stock brings the perfect mix of people at varied parts of their journey—seasoned veterans and newbies alike—and unites them to connect and grow together. And of course, there is always a fantastic speaker line-up of leaders to share valuable information and inspiration.

Speaking of which, have you seen the speaker line-up for this year?! IT LOOKS AMAZING. We are thrilled to be going again and to get to hear from all of these superstars: Dr. T. Colin Campbell and Dr. Caldwell B. Esselstyn, Jr.; their sons Dr. Tom Campbell and Rip Esselstyn; the dynamic mother-daughter duo Ann Crile Esselstyn and Jane Esselstyn, RN; Tara’s wonderful boss Dr. Neal Barnard; “The Mad Cowboy” Howard Lyman; recent newcomer to the field and total boss cardiologist, Dr. Robert Ostfeld; and the always witty and hilarious Dr. Doug Lisle.

And wait, how have we gotten this far into the post without a mention of the FOOD?! It never disappoints. Actually, as far as conference food goes, we’re pretty sure this is the best you’ll ever have—and don’t worry about going home hungry either. Engine 2 is serious about their food being both healthy and delicious, and your meals at Plant-stock won’t disappoint.

At the Esselstyns’ family farm, they invite you to join their family for the weekend and share with you their deep love for helping people to reach better health. You’ll find yourself in a positive, welcoming, supportive community where everyone shares an eagerness and excitement for the power of food as a form of healthcare. THIS is the movement. Change is happening, we are growing, and more progress is being made every day.

Please come join us. Invite your friends who need a little boost, your family members who don’t want to hear another plant-strong lecture from you (but might be swayed by the experts), and your plant-powered pals who want to celebrate this vibrant lifestyle. We cannot wait to meet all of you!!

Peace, love, and plants,

-Tara, Jenna, and Craig