Bring to the table win-win survival strategies to ensure proactive domination. At the end of the day, going forward, a new normal that has evolved from generation.
20th June 2017

These muffins are the brainchild of my friend Bridget’s brother, Michael. An amazing cook and a Buddhist, Michael lives in a monastery outside of Pharping, Nepal, where he serves as a chef for his teacher.

20th June 2017

This is a great “meat” loaf recipe from one of the Engine 2 Pilot Study participants, Lynn Jocelyn. Lynn brought this to the Engine 2 pot-luck awards banquet and it disappeared before everyone could get a bite.

20th June 2017

This is another top recipe from over the years - and with good reason! These are perfect for a crowd, whether it’s a Super Bowl party, regular football Sunday...or any day, really. Pair them with your favorite plant-strong burger for a filling, delicious and nutritious meal.

20th June 2017

This plant-strong breakfast recipe was created by one of the Engine 2 participants, Anthony Salerno, who makes these for his daughter, Ella. He then freezes the leftovers for future quick breakfasts or late-night snacks. This recipe is for a double batch.

19th June 2017

One of my favorite meals growing up was a plate of frozen Stouffer’s macaroni and cheese, which I’d make myself whenever my parents went out to dinner. After cooking it in the oven for 30 minutes, I’d excitedly pull a stool up to our horseshoe-shaped kitchen island and dig in while watching my favorite TV show, The Wild, Wild West. Pure decadence. This macaroni not cheese would make childhood me just as happy!

24th May 2017

With Memorial Day around the corner, thoughts are shifting toward summer. And why not - summer means sunshine, swimming, vacations and amazing food! Produce is fresh (and often more affordable), parties are plenty and th...

17th March 2017

  Now that the weather is about to take a turn for the better and many of us are heading into warmer months ahead, thoughts can often drift toward exercise. Activity. Getting moving! Exercise is one of the seven pi...

9th November 20161

Worried about what you'll be serving for Thanksgiving? We've got you covered! We have gathered up our FAVORITE plant-strong recipes from some of our favorite bloggers! Appetizers and Soup:  Happy Herbivore: Zucchin...

4th November 2016

Well, sort of. Ann Esselstyn is really not a fan of Q & A type interviews, but when it comes to her son Rip, she reluctantly agreed to play along.  Thanks Ann! Rip: What do you love most about teaching people t...

31st August 2016

You can forget the sunscreen, your hair gel, and even, your bathing suit.  But, forget the nutritional yeast, and you may set sail on a plant-strong, vacation tizzy.  Like many who have enjoyed a plant-strong lifestyle...

21st July 2016

Grocery shopping in the summer is always so much fun, especially with the bounty of nutrient-dense produce and locally sourced foods available.  Yet most of the time, I feel as though I am on a day-long trip as I travel...

3rd July 2016

I live a minute outside Philadelphia, so there is always something great going on to celebrate the birth of America on the 4th of July. From a neighborhood 5K, to bicycle parades for young children, there is a lot to do ...

30th May 2016

What happens when beautifully roasted vegetables and Engine 2 Falafel Hummus meet?  Would you believe they become a delicious veggie burger? Don't have loads of time in the kitchen?  Well, Engine 2 Hummus and roasted ...