On the Road with Rip

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I’ve lived in Philadelphia for a long time.  I can get you anywhere you need to be and that’s because I suffer from what I call the “20 Minute Syndrome.”  I can weave in and out of traffic and avoid the long commuter jams that often occur in the City of Brotherly Love and Sisterly Affection.  And I needed to have my driver game on, because Rip was coming to town!

With his book tour for Plant-Strong in the works,  Philadelphia was anticipating Rip’s arrival on a whirlwind tour. We visited eleven Whole Foods Market stores (in three days) for shopper meet and greets, and Rip also met with team members to talk about the Engine 2 food line.  He also answered many questions that team members had about Rip’s Big Bowl and other delights in the E2 food line.

You’ve got to be on your toes with Rip, because he runs at one speed, and that is FAST.  He can accomplish more work in eight hours than most people can get done in a week.  Whether it was chatting with a mother of two who traveled to tell Rip about how her husband lost 200 pounds by being plant-strong, or the mother of four who drove an hour to meet him, Rip is ever-present, and spent detailed time with every guest, at every store.

It’s pretty amazing to see people who’ve transformed their lives from following the Engine 2 Diet. The word, grateful, comes to mind. While people did come to get a copy of Rip’s new book, many brought their tattered and worn copies of The Engine 2 Diet to get autographed. Many reported that Rip’s book was the number one “give-to” gift for family and friends.  And, everyone gave it high praise for being the “game-changer” in their family and for their improved health and well-being.

I’d describe the visit to Philadelphia as rich. The Whole Foods Market in Cherry Hill had a 5% Day for their local fire company.  The store was packed with fire fighters, medics and the like, and Rip was in his glory.  They speak a certain lingo.  Rip knows how to deliver the plant-based message, he always finds a “port-of-entry” for conversation, so as not to offend or overwhelm anyone with such important, life-saving information.

On Rip’s last day in Philly, we headed to N. 2nd street to meet the crew at Philly’s Engine 2.    Rip took Rip’s Big Bowl, almond milk, and some Mighty Muffins for everyone to enjoy.  The comical point of the day is that one of the firefighters told me how much he and the crew liked E2 products, so much so that they take Rip’s Big Bowl to other stations and say, “We have a brand of food named after us! What do you have?” Rip delivered his plant-strong message, and people listened.

So, if Rip comes to your town, bring a story, tell him how E2 has impacted your life.  Share a recipe with him. He spends dedicated time with every person he meets.

And, if you are really brave, challenge Rip to a ping-pong match.  He is quite the champ, just ask the chief at Philly’s Engine 2.  And, guess who won?

It must have been the Triple Berry Rip’s Big Bowl.

For a detailed schedule of Rip’s Tour, check out our Facebook page for regular updates.  https://www.facebook.com/Engine2Diet/