How the 28-Day Challenge by Engine 2 Changed My Life

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It almost sounds cliche.  As I write this, the title reads like the front cover of a tabloid magazine.  But, the reality is that my attempt at an Engine 2 Challenge changed my life, forever.

It was September, 2009.  I had noticed Rip’s book and thought to myself, “Well, I could do anything for 28 days, what do I have to lose (except one hundred plus pounds)?”  Keep in mind, this was the pre-historic era of the Engine 2 development.  There were no websites, no social media channels.  It was just me and my now tattered copy of the Engine 2 Diet, and this guy named Rip, who I had seen on the TODAY SHOW.

If you’re like me, I jumped into the deep end of the E2 pool and followed the pages of the book to a tee.  I kept saying to myself, “It’s only 28 days, you’ll lose weight.” Back then, it was only about the weight.  The weight that has followed me around like a dark shadow for most of my adult life.  Food had been my “drug of choice,” and I wasn’t sure how I’d manage this challenge.  But, I forged ahead.

As the days grew, so did a long list of foods that I had planned to eat on day 29.  I won’t list the foods, but if they could be purchased at a drive-thru, they would have been mine.  But, all of a sudden, something really amazing happened (I know, it sounds like a tabloid, again), on the tenth day of this journey, I woke up and didn’t have one twinge of pain from chronic osteo-arthritis. Nor did I have that horrible sense of indigestion that I had lived with for so many years. At that very moment, I said in a loud voice (to myself):  Eating Well = A Healthy You!

I made huge salads, lots of hearty soups, loads of grains and seeds (this is where quinoa and I first met).  I was never hungry, and I felt great.  The kicker is this, I am a Baby Boomer.  So, my message is that it is never too late to change your health pattern.  I was 59 years old when I became plant-strong, and today at 66, I enjoy excellent health, am super-active, have great skin, and I have lost more than 100 pounds, and I am not finished!  Along the way, I have redefined my relationship with food, and realize that eating plant-strong is the best thing I can do for myself.  I’ve also learned that when confronted with a problem, food doesn’t solve the problem, so I have learned to face untoward situations “head-on.”

The difference with starting an Engine 2 Challenge today is that there is super-scaffolding in place.  Whole Foods Market is a partner in the challenge.  The social media support for the challenge is just a finger-tip away.  Engine 2  has a strong presence on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and even Periscope.  You will not be alone in this Challenge.

My family medical history is one riddled with heart and pulmonary disease, as well as cancer.  I feel as though I have made myself bullet proof to the diseases of those before by following a whole foods, plant-based diet.

Six months after I started my challenge, I got to meet Rip at the inaugural Engine 2 Immersion in Austin, Texas.  And what jumped out at me then, and still today, is that he is totally committed to changing the way people eat, one plant-strong bite at a time.

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You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Warm wishes for a plant-strong 2016 and sign up for the 28 Day Challenge here!