Grocery Trekking with Frozen Foods

FREEZERBAGSGrocery shopping in the summer is always so much fun, especially with the bounty of nutrient-dense produce and locally sourced foods available.  Yet most of the time, I feel as though I am on a day-long trip as I travel from market-to-market to gather my groceries. And, frankly, I couldn’t do it without my Mylar-lined freezer bag.  I have tried many cooler bags, and the Mylar renditions seem to be rather stealth in their  ability to maintain the frozen status of foods that have been purchased in the frozen aisle.

For some people who want to replenish their stock of Engine 2 products, myself included, I  need to travel a distance to grab my favorite burgers or grain-blends.  To make the trip worth my while, and for foods to remain fresh (and frozen), I’m sharing some tips which will make your summer shopping trips more beneficial.

Five Quick Plant-Strong Shopping Tips

-1 Make a grocery list, and put your perishables at the end of the list.  Shop dry goods, produce, refrigerated, then frozen, in that order.  Avoid cruising the aisles.

-2 Use a freezer bag that is lined with Mylar.  I am not kidding, it helps to retain cold temps amazingly well.

-3 Save your empty Engine 2 plant-milk containers and fill them with water and store them in the freezer.  These will be the best “cool-paks” around.  Otherwise, you can use three-four blue paks to keep your foods at temp.  I like to line my cooler bag on the bottom and sides.  If you are low on cool-paks, get a few extra bags of frozen veggies (while you’re shopping) to act as temperature regulators.

-4 Do not place your groceries in the trunk.  The small contained area can be anywhere between 15-20 degrees higher than the inside of your car.

-5 Best place for bag storage is on the passenger side, on the floor.  Use the floor vents to keep things cool by blasting the AC.

Just ask me about the day I shopped and came home with defrosted food items…because I had shopped in a crazy order.

If you’re on foot or bicycle, these tips can still be useful.


It’s also helpful to create a road map of the day’s trek.  I always try to make my E2 food replenishment the last on my food journey.  Not only is it fun to head to Whole Foods Market, I always love to see what new E2 products have landed on the frozen shelves.

Here’s hoping your summer is the best ever, and that you’ve discovered new vegetables and recipes to add to your roster of fun things to make!

As Rip would say, “Plant-Strong!”