A Dose of Dr. Greger’s (Plant-Based) Medicine



It was a beautiful, spring-like evening on the campus of the University of Pennsylvania where I recently went to see Michael Greger, MD, discuss his NY TIMES best-selling book, How Not to Die (Flatiron Press, 2015).  Things are definitely changing in the plant-based world because the 275-seat auditorium at Claudia Cohen Hall was packed. This was my first time seeing Dr. Greger and his blend of humor and science was the perfect style for an evening of plant-centered learning.

In his new book, Greger explains the groundbreaking scientific evidence behind the plant-based  diet and that it can prevent and reverse many of the causes of lifestyle disease-related deaths.  In his discussion at Penn, Greger discussed the “top fifteen” diseases that are the causes of premature death.  From heart disease, to cancer and neuro-muscular diseases, I sat glued in my seat feeling fortunate that I live a plant-strong life.

If you’re a follower of Dr. Greger’s website, www.NutritionFacts.org,  you are already familiar with his style, and his ability to present the latest information in the plant-based arena in a fun and concise manner.  Seeing him in person was just like listening to one of his podcasts, only he’s really, really funny in person.

After his presentation, people gathered in a social room for snacks and to attend his book signing.  He was like a rock star, and was very warm and personable with every person who came to see him.

During his presentation, I was very curious about some aspects of his talk.  Upon meeting at the book signing (with a cordial and plant-strong handshake), I told him I’d be sending him some questions, and would look forward to his responses to share with everyone at Engine 2.

Five Quick Responses from Dr. Greger

CN:  What is your favorite herb and spice?

MG:  Turmeric for health and anything spicy.

CN:  What’s a go-to snack for you?

MG:  Baked purple sweet potato fries with malt vinegar.

CN:  What is one kitchen gadget (or small appliance) that you cannot live without?

MG:  Electric Pressure Cooker!

CN:  If you’re traveling and need to eat out, what’s a go-to place for you?

MG:  If I can find a Whole Foods Market, I love their salad and hot bars!

CN:  Brazil nuts?  One a week benefits the lowering of cholesterol?

MG:  Pretty amazing, though, the researchers were Brazilian, so maybe they were skewing things nationalistically?

Want to see More of Dr. Greger?

I don’t know what a plant-strong event is like in your town or city, but I see the same warm and familiar faces wherever I go here in Philly.  People came up to me at Greger’s booksigning and either said that they saw Rip in January when he was here visiting Philadelphia, or they went to Plant-Stock,  where they’re heading back, again, this summer.  With Dr. Greger on the roster for this year’s Plant-Stock, I’d grab my tickets early, just to plant yourself in a front row seat to learn more about his plant-based health beliefs for optimal health.  For more info about Plant-Stock, head to www.2forksevents.com

What Rip Has to Say About Dr. Greger’s New Book

“A new way of looking at nutrition and health. Michael Greger shows people how to save their own lives.”–Rip Esselstyn, author of THE ENGINE 2 DIET

My Takeaway from Dr. Greger

Eat plants.  Stay healthy.  Dr. Esselstyn always says that “lifestyle pulls the trigger.”  I drove home feeling very rich that my life is directed by eating a plant-strong diet, and that I take zero medications, AND I enjoy optimal health.  For me, it is all about the plants.

Get Dr. Greger’s book (all 500 plus-pages), you won’t be able to put it down.  Then, after you get the book, come to Plant-Stock, and make 2016 the best summer, ever!  You’ll be able to meet Dr. Greger, which will certainly prove to be fun!