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The College Greens
The College Greens: Tara, Jenna, and Craig. Tara is a junior at Bucknell University, currently majoring in Education and minoring in Creative Writing, and planning to do a nutrition program upon graduation. Jenna is a sophomore attending Duquesne University, and she is studying to become a Physician Assistant. Both Tara and Jenna are certified in Plant-Based Nutrition through Dr.Campbell's eCornell program. Craig is a senior at Bucknell University. He is majoring in Chemistry and minoring in English, and is planning to go to medical school to become a pediatrician, where he hopes to incorporate lifestyle medicine in his practice.

The College Greens: So Easy, A College Student Can Do It!

So Easy, A College Student Can Do It! So you’ve heard the guidelines: Eat whole, plant-based foods. Mainly fruits, vegetables, whole grains, beans/legumes. But when it comes time to actually make dinner, you’re not sure where to start. Or maybe you have a few cookbooks, but you don’t have time to make a fancy recipe. [&hellip

Being Living Examples: The College Greens

As you may or may not know, October is Vegetarian Awareness month. Seeing facebook posts, emails, or tweets from different people and companies got us thinking about Plant-Strong Awareness. Right now, depending on where you live, there may be a decent amount, or a sadly minuscule amount, of awareness for the plant-strong lifestyle. Sometimes we [&hellip

The College Greens: Plant-Based in Pink

In Light of Breast Cancer Awareness Month: Plant-based in Pink It’s October and fall has begun (our favorite season of the year!).  Crisp air, pumpkins, falling leaves, and beautiful hues of red, orange, and yellow on the trees.  Everywhere we look, there is another color that has popped up this month too; pink.  Pink ribbons.  [&hellip

The College Greens: Plant-Strong™ on a Budget!

Plant strong on a budget There are plenty of myths surrounding college life that we’re all familiar with: we party, we get only a handful of hours of sleep each night, and, the one that’s been particularly been on my mind lately, we abide faithfully by the Ramen noodles and Easy Mac diet.  Now, to [&hellip

The College Greens: When to Explain Yourself

Navigating Encounters: When to Explain Yourself When it comes to our eating habits, let’s face it; we’re weird. In the eyes of many fellow Americans, we are just “health freaks” and “extremists.” They don’t understand, nor do they want to. But then, there are some people, some kind, wonderful souls, who find us interesting! Who [&hellip

The College Greens: Getting Over the Hump

Getting Over the Hump One beautiful day over summer break, Jenna and her college roommate watched Forks Over Knives together.  It was about a month after Jenna adopted a whole foods, plant-based lifestyle herself; she already loved it and was eager to share the good news with others.  This was the first person (other than [&hellip

The College Greens: Plant-Strong™ Athletes

By four o’clock on the afternoon of Craig’s 22nd birthday, he was on the ground, shivering, vomiting, and ready to pass out.  Sound something like a typical college-life birthday celebration gone too far?  Well, sort of, but not really.  We had decided to celebrate with what was supposed to be a nice, long 22 mile [&hellip

Plant-Strong in the College Dining Hall: The College Greens

Plant-Strong in the College Dining Hall For a lot of students who go to college, living in a dorm, eating at the all-you-can eat dining hall, late night parties with beer and pizza, and gaining 15 pounds are associated with freshman year.  Most students are happy with the dining hall’s offering of endless baskets of [&hellip

Being Young and Plant-Strong : The College Greens

We want to introduce you to three wonderful plant-strong people! The College Greens, Tara, Jenna and Craig will be guest blogging for Engine 2! They are all in college. Tara is a junior at Bucknell University, currently majoring in Education and minoring in Creative Writing, and planning to do a nutrition program upon graduation. Jenna is [&hellip