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The College Greens: Tara, Jenna, and Craig. Tara is a junior at Bucknell University, currently majoring in Education and minoring in Creative Writing, and planning to do a nutrition program upon graduation. Jenna is a sophomore attending Duquesne University, and she is studying to become a Physician Assistant. Both Tara and Jenna are certified in Plant-Based Nutrition through Dr.Campbell's eCornell program. Craig is a senior at Bucknell University. He is majoring in Chemistry and minoring in English, and is planning to go to medical school to become a pediatrician, where he hopes to incorporate lifestyle medicine in his practice.

The College Greens: Interview with Lindsay Nixon! Plus a giveaway!

Today The College Greens talk to Lindsay Nixon from Happy Herbivore! Be sure to leave a comment and tell us your favorite Happy Herbivore recipe for a chance to win a month of Happy Herbivore meal plans!        1. What was your inspiration/motivation to go plant-based? I grew up a vegetarian out of a love for [&hellip

The College Greens: Morning Workouts

Morning workouts It is 8:30am. Tara is sitting at her computer, starting to draft this blog post. Already, she has run 10 miles, showered, dressed, and made breakfast. For the past three months, this is the way that Tara has started each day. The verdict? Morning workouts are THE BEST. Ever. Why? Well, for starters, [&hellip

Week of Inspiration, Day 4: Roy’s Story

This week, The College Greens are sharing Craig’s dad (Roy)’s story.  He’s come a long way in the past year and is an inspiration to all of us.  We are so proud of him!! I owe my current state of health to The College Greens.  This is my note of thanks as I approach my [&hellip

The College Greens: Meet Your New Best Friend: The Rice Cooker

Meet Your New Best Friend: The Rice Cooker Lately, a favorite breakfast of Jenna’s is buckwheat.  A big tasty bowl of warm, chewy, subtly nutty, and nutrient packed buckwheat is great to start off your day off with.  It’s wholesome, unprocessed, and delicious.  Buckwheat is a wonderful way to switch up your breakfast routine.  And [&hellip

The College Greens: Healing Our Relationship with Food

Healing Our Relationship With Food These days, it is typical to have a negative relationship with food. Society doesn’t make it easy for us. We’re constantly being bombarded with advertisements shamelessly persuading us to eat their products, foods that take advantage of our innate pleasure system, and contradicting messages about what is and isn’t healthy. [&hellip

The College Greens: Cooking Up Some Warmth!

  Cooking up some warmth! Here in Pennsylvania, February brings us to that time of the year when our winter wonderland usually becomes a winter wonder-when-it-will-be-over.  At some point, the refreshing feel of crisp, winter air and the novelty of a freshly powdered white landscape wear off and the cold wears us down.  Luckily, as [&hellip

The College Greens: Beyond the Health Benefits of a Plant-Strong Diet- Part 2: Compassion for Animals

Beyond the Health Benefits of a Plant-Strong Diet – Part 2: Compassion for Animals   By eating a plant-strong diet, you have already improved your health – your cholesterol levels are lower, maybe you have lost some weight, and you are preventing and reversing disease.  And last week, you learned how eating a plant-strong diet [&hellip

Beyond the Health Benefits of a Plant-Strong Diet: Part 1

Beyond the Health Benefits of a Plant-Strong Diet – Part 1: The Environment Eating a plant-strong diet makes us feel invincible.  We are fueling our bodies with the most wholesome, nutritious (and incredibly tasty!!) food there is.  We are preventing and reversing heart disease, T2 diabetes, cancer, and numerous other diseases.  We are living life [&hellip

A Plant-Strong Pop Quiz from The College Greens! Plus a giveaway!

Tara, Craig and Jenna are interning with Engine 2 this summer! We are thrilled! They are working on a few really great projects. Today they have a pop quiz for you! Answer the questions in the comments, and tomorrow we’ll pick a winner (randomly) and give you the answer! The winner will get a ONE [&hellip