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The College Greens: Tara, Jenna, and Craig. Tara is a junior at Bucknell University, currently majoring in Education and minoring in Creative Writing, and planning to do a nutrition program upon graduation. Jenna is a sophomore attending Duquesne University, and she is studying to become a Physician Assistant. Both Tara and Jenna are certified in Plant-Based Nutrition through Dr.Campbell's eCornell program. Craig is a senior at Bucknell University. He is majoring in Chemistry and minoring in English, and is planning to go to medical school to become a pediatrician, where he hopes to incorporate lifestyle medicine in his practice.

Embracing an Active Lifestyle that Serves You

by Jenna Gigliotti I recently read an article (stop right now and read it!) in regards to the attitudes and culture that surround working out.  The message the author conveyed captured a really important philosophy of exercise that deeply resonated with me, and that I wanted to share.  Especially in light of the upcoming New Year’s [&hellip

Transitions: Jenna Gigliotti

Fall Transitions: A Season of Change (featuring: Craig Tuller — photo credit: Tara Kemp)   As I start to type this it is not even 5pm and starting to get dark outside already.  Fall is my favorite season of the year (the beauty of the changing leaves and pumpkin-everything being only two of the many [&hellip

The College Greens: Weird is the New Awesome: Thinking

Weird is the New Awesome: Thinking beyond conventional meals.   There are lots of tried and true, classic combinations of foods that we simply can’t deny pair fabulously together.  Peanut butter and jelly, black beans and corn, apple and cinnamon, peas and carrots—hands down, yum.  But one of the greatest things about eating a plant-based [&hellip

The College Greens: One Year Anniversary

The College Greens’ One Year Anniversary! One year ago today, we had our first ever blog post published on the Engine 2 Daily Beet blog.  We wrote about being young and plant-strong, and talked about why we choose to be plant-strong at such a young age (compared to the majority of people who take on [&hellip

Being the Bearer of Bad News

Being the Bearer of Bad News by Tara of The College Greens Most of the time, I love it when people ask me questions about the way I eat.  I enjoy showcasing my love of plants and sharing what I have learned about the plethora of positive effects that come from eating a plant-based diet.  [&hellip

Be a VegRUNner!

Be a VegRUNner! As can be seen by The College Greens’ previous posts about triathlons, marathons, and early morning workouts, I am an athlete.  And first and foremost, I am a runner.  I fell in love with running back in middle school, when cross-country team “distance running” meant one and a half miles.  These days, [&hellip

The College Greens: Plant-Strong Marathoning!

Plant-Strong Marathoning! If you were reading our blog posts back in September, you might remember that we wrote about being plant-strong athletes, and specifically covered Tara and Craig’s triathlon race.  Last week, they took on their next athletic endeavor: the marathon! For the past four months, Tara and Craig had been training for their first [&hellip

The College Greens: Veda’s Story: Life After Her Heart Attack.

  Veda’s kitchen clean-out! This week, The College Greens are sharing the story of Jenna’s roommate (Karla)’s mom, Veda!  After suffering a minor heart attack she decided to make the switch to a whole foods, plant-based diet.  She is inspiring proof of how easy this lifestyle is.  We’re very proud of Veda! Veda’s Story I’m [&hellip

The College Greens: Breakfast: Waking Up On The Right Side Of The Bed!

Breakfast: Waking up on the right side of the bed Everybody already knows that breakfast is the most important meal of the day.  And if it isn’t convincing enough that this age-old piece of advice has been passed down from generations yonder, the claim has spurred plenty of scientific research to help it hold its [&hellip