Author: Rip Esselstyn

23 Jun More exciting E2 Food Logs!!!

I  just love seeing the wonderful variety of plant-strong foods people are eating out there. I also am interested and amused with all of the observations people are making.  Here is a sampling of more fun E2 food logs. Enjoy!!! Rip   Results From: Food Log Submitted By: Raymond,  Japan Submit Date: 6/18/09 Breakfast: 1)...

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17 Jun Is Eating Meat Natural??

  [caption id="attachment_673" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Meat. A natural?"][/caption] Below are some great talking points and ammo you can fire back when that obnoxious uncle tries to justify his meat eating ways with a silly comment like, "why else were we given canines." Here is an article by Kathy Freston...

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12 Jun What is the answer to the health care/obesity crisis? Plant-Strong Nutrition!!!

  [caption id="attachment_634" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Plant-strong and lean David vs. S.A.D.-weak and tubby David "][/caption] We will not legislate ourselves out of the health care/obesity crisis. That makes absolutely zero sense. The only way to get ourselves out of this crisis is one PLANT-STRONG bite at a...

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06 Jun Bariatric Surgery; Gastric Bypass, Gastric Band, and Gastric Endoluminal. Or you can eat plant-strong.

In an effort for people to be saved from themselves they are turning to several different types of bariatric, or weight loss, surgeries, which are the various procedures performed by surgeons to treat obesity by modification of the gastrointestinal tract to reduce nutrient/caloric intake/absorption. This...

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