Author: Rip Esselstyn

12 Jan Jane Brody On Healthy Aging

Healthy Aging, With Nary a Supplement By JANE E. BRODY Published: January 11, 2010 The Great Recession, so I’m told, has been great for one segment of the economy — the makers of pills and potions that offer the promise of keeping people healthy. A middle-aged woman remarked as...

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16 Dec Check this out!!

Man Drinking Fat. NYC Health Anti-Soda Ad. Are You Pouring on the Pounds? NYC Department of Health Anti-Soda Video Is Truly Horrifying December 14, 2009, 2:25 pm   11 Comments The New York City Department of Health released the following commercial on YouTube, and it's one of the grossest...

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07 Dec Breast feed that baby!

Before babies are able to eat solid food and receive all the Plant Strong goodness that you give them, breast milk is the ultimate nutrition -- providing immunologic, developmental, psychological, social, economic, and environmental benefits. I encourage all mothers who are able to breastfeed to do...

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