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About the author

Natala is the director of communications for Engine 2 Diet, she is also one of our coaches on our support site, Engine 2 Extra. A few years ago, Natala was at the end of her rope. She was on almost 15 medications daily, had out of control Type 2 Diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, issues with nerve damage, and was morbidly obese. She was just over 30 years old. She decided to take her life back by becoming plant-strong. She has lost over 200 pounds, got off of all of her medications and now has great health numbers. Natala plays the violin and studied music therapy. She became passionate about plant-strong nutrition, received her Certificate in Plant-Based Nutrition through Cornell University, a certificate in Health Promotion and Disease Prevention and is currently pursuing a degree in nutritional sciences. Natala is also a featured speaker at our Engine 2 Retreats she talks about the reality of our nations obesity epidemic as well as providing practical steps to becoming a healthier person.

We are Family.

The Engine 2 team just got back from a week long retreat near Sedona, AZ. I never know how to describe these retreats to other people. It seems trite to say it was “life-changing”. Yet, really, that is what it always is. People from all over the country gather at our retreats. People of all [&hellip

Keeping it Simple

When I started this way of eating I was very sick, life threatening kind of sick. I remember reading my first book on plant-based nutrition, and I remember immediately starting the bargaining process. Well, what if I only ate oil a little bit, here and there? What if I had treats once a week? What [&hellip

The Last 10 Years

Yesterday, my grandfather suffered a major stroke. He has lived a good, long and fairly healthy life. He is in the hospital right now, most of his family around him, waiting for the inevitable and hoping that he goes peacefully and without pain. My Grandfather lead a good life. He was born during the first [&hellip

More Than The Blues

*Just a note before I start. Before you make any changes to medication or treatment, talk to your doctor or a healthcare professional. “There is nothing wrong with needing help” that was what was said to me in college, sitting in a counselors office. I knew something was wrong, I felt down, all the time. [&hellip

Plant-Strong Learning

When I started on my plant-strong journey, all I wanted was to absorb as much information as possible. I think most of us have been there. We feel as though a huge door has been opened, and an entire new world is staring back at us, ready to learn. Today I wanted to go through [&hellip

Our Weekend

It’s a chilly Monday morning at the Esselstyn Family Farm. I’m looking out the big window in the dining room out to a field with tables, chairs, and a big tent. All weekend the field was filled with hundreds of people, all at the farm sharing in plant-strong food, learning from the brightest minds in [&hellip

Thin Before Tomorrow.

I have a good friend that recently lost weight after going plant-strong. She asked that I not share her name, but is allowing me to share part of her e-mail to me. “I’m finally at my goal weight, fitting into a size 4, I thought it all was supposed to feel better than this, all [&hellip

Emotional Eating?

  *Artwork by¬†http://www.matirose.com/ I always had this belief, I was an “emotional eater”. I was told this by various “experts”, TV show doctors, magazines and Oprah. And I believed it. It seemed to make sense, every time I got upset, I would eat, and make some bad choices. But I looked around, I had thin [&hellip

Lies I told Myself

I should clarify something before I start this post. Not everyone is in the same situation as I am or I was. I dealt with very severe and life threatening food addictions for a very long time, and still deal with battling them every single day. So this might not apply to everyone, but if [&hellip