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Natala is the director of communications for Engine 2 Diet, she is also one of our coaches on our support site, Engine 2 Extra. A few years ago, Natala was at the end of her rope. She was on almost 15 medications daily, had out of control Type 2 Diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, issues with nerve damage, and was morbidly obese. She was just over 30 years old. She decided to take her life back by becoming plant-strong. She has lost over 200 pounds, got off of all of her medications and now has great health numbers. Natala plays the violin and studied music therapy. She became passionate about plant-strong nutrition, received her Certificate in Plant-Based Nutrition through Cornell University, a certificate in Health Promotion and Disease Prevention and is currently pursuing a degree in nutritional sciences. Natala is also a featured speaker at our Engine 2 Retreats she talks about the reality of our nations obesity epidemic as well as providing practical steps to becoming a healthier person.

Don’t Be Scared.

Working out and being overweight can be intimidating for a lot of people. I’ve always made an effort to workout, even at my heaviest, I was going to the gym as often as I could. But let’s be honest, working out can be intimidating, probably for everyone, but if you’ve been overweight or are overweight, [&hellip

Christmas Eve Night and Sleepy Time Tea

A picture of me with my Granny and Pa. I grew up in a large Italian family. Christmas was a big deal growing up. My Granny would prepare for weeks getting ready for the big Christmas Eve meal. In Italian families, Christmas Eve is a really big deal, we celebrated “The Feast of the Seven [&hellip

Plant-Strong Holiday Travel

Traveling for the holidays? Before you get on the road, make sure you plan how you will keep it plant-strong! 1. Pack food! We can not stress how important it is to have great food options packed and ready to go for your travels. One of our favorite things that we own is a 3 tier tiffin. These are [&hellip

Moving the Line of Extreme.

When I first decided to make some slight changes to the way I ate, people told me not to get “extreme”. This was before I went plant-strong. I had watched the movie “Super Size Me” and decided I shouldn’t eat fast food anymore. Reasonable, I thought. Mind you I was morbidly obese at the time [&hellip


  Recently I was discussing the way I eat with someone and they replied “Well that’s impossible! You can’t keep that up!” I know that it wasn’t their intention, but it offended me. Who are they to tell me what is impossible? I couldn’t put my finger on it, but I realized it is what [&hellip


I remember the moment that I realized I was overweight. I mean, as a kid, you know you are overweight, but for me there was a specific moment. I was 11 years old, I was in school, and a boy in my grade called me “fatty” as he passed me in the hall., and kicked [&hellip

Family Time

It was a long week to say the least. Driving 30 hours, getting acclimated. You’ve probably been in the same position many times. Oddly enough it had been over a week since I had an actual home cooked meal. Lots of salads, and very quickly put together things. Which is not my normal thing, while [&hellip

On The Road Again

*For some reason I am unable to rotate some of the photos in the post, if you are having a hard time seeing what the photo is, just tilt your head for a nice neck stretch. This week I traveled half way across the country, by car. This was in part an experiment on my [&hellip

What Are You Thankful For?

Recently I was talking to  a friend of mine who lived in Uganda until a few years ago. She went through the most horrific experience of anyone that I have ever met.  She’s always smiling. ALWAYS. I never really understood this about her. She would tell me she smiles because she’s alive, and to look [&hellip