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The Engine 2 Team is dedicated to helping you become plant-strong! Each of us are on the plant-strong journey right along side of you!

From Broken To Boxing: Bill’s Story

It all started when I was loading some speakers on a loading dock and hyper extended my ACL deficient knee.  It swelled up like a basketball and I couldn’t walk the next day.  When I can’t walk, I can’t work as I am an electrician by trade.  I went to the orthopedic surgeon where I [&hellip

How Karl got plant-strong!

A lot of people out there have various excuses for not going plant-strong. Today we hear from Karl who definitely had some valid excuses, but didn’t let that stop him from becoming plant-strong and healthy. We’ll let Karl take it from here!  “I want to share my story with you in hopes that if there [&hellip

Engine 2 is opening up 15 spots at a September week-long immersion to the public!

*Special Announcement!* Engine 2 is opening up 15 spots at a September week-long immersion to the public! Learn more about our immersions.  Rip Esselstyn invites you to join Engine 2 in Texas Hill Country this fall for a week-long intensive immersion retreat, scheduled for September 23rd-29th, 2012 at the Retreat at Balcones Springs (www.texasretreat.com).  Featuring the all-star [&hellip

Don’t Break The Chain

A few years ago Jerry Seinfield revealed how he stays productive. It is a system he calls “don’t break the chain“. This is a great way to stay on your plant-strong journey. It doesn’t matter what your goals are, they could be anything. Maybe your goal is to get 20 minutes of walking in everyday. [&hellip

Quick Meal Ideas – Plus a Giveaway!

(one of our quick meals: quinoa pasta, chopped tomatoes, lentils, asparagus, mushrooms and a side of kale) Looking for quick meals? There are endless possibilities when it comes to plant-strong meals. All you need is a grain/starch, vegetable, bean and sometimes fruit! We like to make a big batch of potatoes and sweet potatoes at [&hellip

Happy Sweet 16 to Carson!

If you have been following along with our kids series, you have seen the amazing artwork of Carson, one of our fabulous plant-strong teens. Today is her 16th birthday and we wanted to wish her an wonderful plant-strong day! We are so encouraged by all of the teens who come to us and who are [&hellip

Finding a Doctor

Last week Jeff Novick, MS, RD and Dr. Esselstyn wrote an article about finding a Doctor. It is one of the most common questions we get asked at Engine 2. My husband and I have been on the road for almost 4 years now. We’ve lived in a lot of different cities between 1 and [&hellip

Adventures with Ami: The Food is Boring (plus a giveaway!)

This week we are introducing you to one of our star E2-ers, Ami. Ami has had great success on Engine 2 and has a passion for being plant-strong. She loves writing about how being plant-strong is an adventure. Let’s hear what Ami has to say when people say “The food is boring.” An athlete friend [&hellip

2013 Engine 2 Immersions!

*many thanks to E2-er, Stella for this amazing photo from our San Francisco Immersion! We need your help! We are looking for the perfect spots for our 2013 Engine 2 Immersions! If you’ve been to a beautiful farm, scenic events venue, or out-of-the-ordinary conference center or hotel – that you think would be great for E2 [&hellip