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The Engine 2 Team is dedicated to helping you become plant-strong! Each of us are on the plant-strong journey right along side of you!

Adventures with Ami: How It’s Done

For the past thirteen months, we have been traveling.  We’ve spent a few weekends at home, and a week at Christmas.  Otherwise, we have been on the road, spending most of our time in Kansas City.  We’ve lost over a hundred pounds between us.  We’ve each dropped 4 sizes.  We bought new clothes along the [&hellip

Jeremy’s Story

Today Jeremy shares his plant-strong story! Plant based nutrition a change for a better future….. “A few years back my Mom had given me a “cook book” as a gift, being the sarcastic loving son, I laughed and applauded her effort to get me to read something. My Mom had always tried to get my [&hellip

Answers to the Pop Quiz!

On Wednesday The College Greens posted a pop quiz with a great giveaway for a year long membership on Engine 2 Extra and some new Engine 2 products! 1. True or False: One egg yolk has about the same amount of cholesterol as a Big Mac 2. What is Jeff Novick’s number one rule for [&hellip

Northern Virginia Events: Cancelled

Rip’s Northern Virginia talks and book signings have all been cancelled this week. Please stay tuned, we are re-scheduling for a future date! &nbsp

7 Day Intensive!

  (Graduating class March 2012!) Join Rip at the up-coming 7-Day Engine 2 Immersion Intensive!   (one of the dishes you will learn how to make and get to create!) Rip invites you to join Engine 2 in Austin, TX this spring for a weeklong intensive immersion retreat, scheduled for March 13th-19th at the Retreat [&hellip

Adventures with Ami: Realizations & Learning

I am blogging from the road this week.  I am home in Minnesota for my husband’s company party and to spend time with our daughter who is preparing for a term of service with Americorps.  We’ve been in Kansas on a work project of my husband’s for the past year.  Together we lost the bulk [&hellip

Saving Time With Char: Keep it Simple

Keep it Simple Just when I think that I have exhausted all of my handy time saving tips, this is what happens to me. My husband and I were at a poetry reading the other night, when a lady came up to me and said, “Hey, aren’t you Char Nolan from Engine 2?  I heard [&hellip

Where Have E2 Foods Taken You?!

As you probably know, we launched our brand new Engine 2 Food Line a couple of weeks ago! We are excited to bring you healthy, fast and convenient plant-strong food! We wanted to create the healthiest food line on the planet. Engine 2 products are plant-strong, which means they are made from nature’s best ingredients: fruits, [&hellip

Adventures With Ami: New Year Grocery Expedition

Bright and early – after running at the gym with my new running companion – Zombies, Run! app  - I decided to go on an exploratory expedition to Whole Foods Market.  I like to do this early in the morning, before the crowds arrive, so I have room to mosey around at my own pace, label [&hellip