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Good news from John in Austin!

We thought it would be great to start ending the week with some good news! Each week we’ll be featuring someones good health news. The media is filled with so much bad health news, it is time for that to change! If you would like to share how Engine 2 has helped change your health, [&hellip

Interview with author, Colleen Patrick-Goudreau!

If you have been around plant-based cooking for any amount of time, you have more than likely heard of Colleen Patrick Goudreu. Colleen is the author of three very popular cookbooks, The Joy of Vegan Baking, which won VegNews magazine’s “Cookbook of the Year” Award, The Vegan Table, and Color Me Vegan, which was released December 2010. Her first [&hellip

Engine 2 28 day Challenge in Tampa!

(Healthy Eating Specialist, Curtis from Tampa, FL with Rip and Dr. Esselstyn) We have some great news for those of you who live near Tampa, FL! The Tampa Whole Foods Market is holding a FREE 28 day Engine 2 Challenge! This is a great opportunity to take control of your health, and or for those [&hellip

The Engine 2 Immersion

A couple of weeks ago we held back to back Engine 2 Immersions in Austin, TX. What is an Immersion? An Immersion with Engine 2 is a nutrition education program designed to give you what most of us have never received – a true education about what foods are good for you (and the science behind [&hellip

New food log!

We are excited about a brand new feature on Engine2.com ! We now have a food log! Below is a quick guide to starting your food log, including some screen shots of what it will look like as you set it up. To find the new food log tool go to the Tools and Support [&hellip

Interview with Marcella Torres!

Today we are talking with plant-strong body builder, Marcella Torres! Marcella has been plant-strong for 10 years and has been a body builder for the past 4 years. She is married to Derek Tresize, who we interviewed a few weeks ago. We included some of your questions from Facebook and Twitter as well! E2: What [&hellip

Engine 2 Bayou Tour!

RIP’S BAYOU TOUR! The Whole Foods Market Louisiana stores will have a special guest October 3rd through 5th. Rip Esselstyn, the creator of the Engine 2 Diet! Rip will begin his Bayou Tour at Arabella Station, head to Veterans the following day, and wrap it up in Baton Rouge. At each event, Rip will discuss [&hellip

Engine 2 Interview with Susan from Fat Free Vegan Kitchen!

We are so excited about our interview today! We here at Engine 2 absolutely love “Fat Free Vegan Kitchen” and today Susan answers some of your questions and shares with us some of her tips and tricks for making fabulous tasting and plant-strong food! How did you get into plant-strong cooking and recipe making? I [&hellip

Guest post from “Omnivore Runner”

Today we have a guest post from “Omnivore Runner”. We have been following Paul (and Rachel’s) journey through the 28 day challenge, and we were inspired! We hope you are as well. Please check out the blog to back track to see their updates on what it was like to be in the 28 day [&hellip