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Saving Time With Char: Mighty Bean Muffins and Waffle Cookies!

Saving Time with Char On the Road Again I posted this earlier this year.  People ask me all the time, “Char, I don’t have time to make breakfast in the morning, what should I do?”  Popular TV commercials have you believing that “instant oatmeal” is the way to go, but the word “instant” goes hand [&hellip

What Amber Brought to the School Picnic!

Today on the blog, Amber, one of our Engine 2 Extra members shares what she brought to her daughters school picnic! We thought these were amazing!   My daughter’s school held a picnic on Friday.  The social aspect of the picnic was nice, but the food was a cardiac patient’s worst nightmare: hotdogs, hamburgers, potato [&hellip

New Kids & Family E-book!

Just in time for back-to-school! Our interns created a free e-book just for kids and family. It has information about feeding kids a healthy (plant-strong) diet, games and activities for kids and recipes that the whole family will love. To download the e-book, visit our resources section and download the “Kids and Family Free E-book”.  [&hellip

And The Winners Are….

  A few weeks ago we announced the first ever, Engine 2 Food Line recipe contest. The contest was to create a plant-strong recipe using one (or more) of our new E2 food line products. We got 100′s of entries! We could only pick 4 winners. We had a panel of 8 people review the [&hellip

Food Line Update PLUS a Recipe Contest!

Food Line Update! We have a lot of exciting news about the Engine 2 Food Line.  Engine 2 Hummus, New and Improved!  Use as a spread, dip or a creamy filling, Engine 2 Plant-Strong hummus delivers a great tasting, health conscious version of the classic hummus recipe.  Unlike the classic version, Engine 2 Plant-Strong hummus does [&hellip

Tuesdays With Jeff: Burgers and Fries: Summer of Health!

  Hands down, the best veggie burger on the planet is Jeff Novick’s veggie burger. His DVD “Burgers and Fries” goes through the perfect template of creating endless combinations for the perfect healthy burgers and fries. Today, we want to encourage you to transform your summer bbq! We want you to make this the “Summer [&hellip

From Severe Heart Disease to Plant-Strong, Diana’s Incredible Story

  In January of 2011 at 37-years-old, I started to have migraine headaches. I had never experienced a migraine before and this one had been ongoing for two weeks.  A feeling like my physical brain was squeezing inside my skull. I wrote down the effect and described it like, “a Sea Anemone contracting when you [&hellip

Steve Lost 50 Pounds and Got His Life Back!

ITS ALL YOUR FAULT! I feel better than I have felt since Junior High School and I had to buy new clothes!!!!! Thank you so much. My name is Steve, I am 47 and have been a firefighter paramedic since the mid 1980′s. in 2012 I got a stent for Christmas which was a huge wake up call. The only problem [&hellip

Shawn’s Story:

Today, Shawn shares his incredible plant-strong story. About a year and a half ago I was rushed to the hospital with a b/p of 190/160. Among other things that came out of that incident, is that I was diagnosed with stage 3 ckd (chronic kidney disease). A few months later I watched forks over knives [&hellip