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The Engine 2 Team is dedicated to helping you become plant-strong! Each of us are on the plant-strong journey right along side of you!

Engine 2 Series: Easier Done Than Said!

We asked you what you had the hardest time letting go of in your plant-strong journey, and BOY did you respond! We got a few 100 responses from people letting go of everything from coffee to steak! We hope that you enjoy this series. We will be posting answers over the next several months, so [&hellip

“Today, the thought of adding greasy fatty cheese to my beautiful plate of vegetables is nearly nauseating.”

We are having a great time in Hawaii! We asked people last week to tell us what the hardest part of becoming plant-strong was and how they got past it, we wanted to share Janet’s story with you today. My Plant-Life Journey “It was about two years ago when I was at work teaching a [&hellip

Lani is back and talking about sugar!

We are having an amazing time in Hawaii! We should probably stop reminding everyone that are in Hawaii! Speaking of adventures…. Lani went on an incredible adventure, she’s going to have to write about it for us. She goes to all corners of the world and stays plant-strong! Here is a video from her recent [&hellip

Ami’s Farms 2 Forks experience.

As we mentioned last week, we are off to Hawaii for the week! We will be helping 150 Whole Foods Employees become plant-strong at one of our corporate immersion programs. Over the course of the year we also hold public immersion programs that we call “Farms 2 Forks” we had our first weekend immersion in [&hellip

A story from the 28 day challenge in Bellingham, MA

“Lying in a private room at Boston’s Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center this past December, I made a couple of decisions.  First, that I needed a better way to control the challenges I face with Crohn’s disease and food allergies, and second, that I had to get my health under better control.   With a restricted [&hellip

FAQ: What about pro level athletes?

FAQ: I am a pro-level athlete/participate in 30 hours of fitness a week, what should I eat? *note, if you are working out between 1-2 hours per day you should not have to increase much in your diet, if you find yourself losing weight (and you do not want to lose weight), simply increase your [&hellip

FAQ: Day 3 What about soy?

Q: What about soy? A. We will start out by saying that you do not need soy beans in your diet to be plant-strong. In fact, many people skip it and do not miss it. The main problem with soy, is what has been done to soy in the form of junk food. Soy meats [&hellip

A week of FAQ: Day 2 “What about my kids?”

(Rip’s daughter, Sophie) Day 2: “What about my kids, can they be plant-strong?” A. Not only can they be plant-strong, they will definitely thrive on a plant-strong diet and get all of the nutrition they need. Children follow many of the same principles of healthy eating, as adults. So long as  they are getting enough [&hellip

A week of FAQ: Day 1: How do I cook without oil?

We decided to take a week and answer some of the most common questions we get each day. Day 1 FAQ: “How do I cook without oil?” A. Cooking without oil or even spray oil seems impossible for some people who have become accustomed to using it for all of their cooking. However, with some [&hellip