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Boulder Whole Foods Market Kicks Off “Health Starts Here” Supper Clubs

Engine 2 proudly partners with Whole Foods Market and their healthy eating education program development. The marketing campaigns and programs that continue to unfold at WFM stores throughout the country are creative and compelling — providing customers and team members alike with a wonderful opportunity to discover delicious Plant Strong food options. Recently Dani Little, [&hellip

Plant Strong on the Road: Rip’s FAB tips

Many people that travel regularly who want to create a new, healthier, Plant Strong lifestyle say that it is impossible to do so on the road. We contend that eating Plant Perfect while traveling isn’t always feasible — but staying Plant Strong is 100% do-able. Rip travels approximately ten days out of every month to [&hellip

Fire Rescue Magazine Shares the Engine 2 Story

The latest issue of Fire Rescue Magazine profiles the story of Engine 2, Austin’s Plant Strong firehouse in a great article titled, “Saving Lives at the Station“. Check it out! Highlights shared in the article: The number 1 cause of fatalities of firefighters is heart disease. With Rip’s influence, the Austin Fire Department now boasts close to [&hellip

Rip Attends Special Prescreening of Groundbreaking New Film: Forks Over Knives

Here at E2 headquarters, we are very excited for the upcoming release of the documentary film Forks Over Knives that traces the personal journeys of a pair of pioneering yet under-appreciated researchers, Dr. T. Colin Campbell and Dr. Caldwell B. Esselstyn, Jr. — Rip’s father. The film also includes a scene with Rip from his [&hellip

The Push for Healthy School Lunches

The Healthy School Lunch Campaign, sponsored by the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM), is dedicated to improving the food served to children in schools by educating government and school officials, food service workers, parents, and others about the food choices best able to promote children’s current and long-term health. This evening Rip will be [&hellip

Must Read New Articles from Vegan Thought Leaders: McDougall, MD and Campbell, PhD

T. Colin Campbell, PhD and author of the revolutionary health and nutrition book, The China Study, just published the following powerful article on the Huffington Post: It’s Time for an NIH Institute for Nutrition “There is no other strategy in contemporary health science or medical practice that comes close to the breadth and depth of [&hellip

E2 Foodie Friday: A Plant-Based Calcium-Iron Treat

For pregnant and/or breastfeeding mothers concerned with their calcium and iron intake, an easy, tasty way to get a boost every day is with a surprisingly simple treat: Hot water and one tablespoon blackstrap molasses with your fortified milk substitute of choice.  Delicious! Also remember — the best sources of plant-based, absorbable calcium and iron [&hellip

Introducing Plant Strong Health to Corporate Wellness Programs

With most people spending the majority of their waking hours at their place of work, employers have an important opportunity to influence the health and wellness of their employees. Companies have a vested interest in the health of their employees with the increasing cost of health care. For some companies, medical costs can consume half [&hellip

E2 Foodie Friday: Plant Strong Menu Ideas for July 4

On the path to becoming Plant Strong and still find yourself struggling with what to eat on holidays?  Americans have strong emotional ties to food traditionally associated with just about every holiday. Thanksgiving and turkey. Christmas and roast beef.  Easter and ham. July 4 and grilled meat of all kinds. Here at Engine 2 headquarters, [&hellip