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John Mackey Plugs Engine 2 in USA Today Article

Our favorite quotes from today’s article: “All of the key diseases killing Americans can be largely avoided or prevented through healthy diet and lifestyle, but people don’t know exactly what to do. Whole Foods will help educate them.” “Healthy food is not an affordable luxury, it’s an affordable necessity.” “[Whole Foods will] introduce a private-label [&hellip

Foodie Friday: E2 Potlucks

In Austin, we host Engine 2 potlucks once a month. They are a fabulous way to meet other people on the Plant Strong journey, enjoy the adventure of trying new and different recipes, and share tips on everything from food preparation to favorite local restaurants. If you live outside of Austin, we encourage you to [&hellip

Foodie Friday: Plant-Strong Lunch Boxes!

It’s back-to-school season — a wonderful time of year that often echos the first of the year as a “new beginning” opportunity for achieving goals with health, wellness, organization…..you name it. Many of you may be packing lunches for your children or yourself and are looking for quick and easy ways to make them Plant-Strong. [&hellip

New York City’s Super Vegan Publishes Q&A with Rip

Rip recently interviewed with Roseann Marulli of Super Vegan, a web site resource for vegans in New York City. Their conversation spanned everything from Rip’s personal Plant-Strong preferences, his partnership with Whole Foods Market and the Health Starts Here education program, and about what he sees as the real solution to the health care crisis. “With [&hellip

Foodie Friday: Great Meat Substitute Discovery

Ellen Darby, a highly inspiring and enthusiastic Healthy Eating Specialist at the WFM store in University Heights, Ohio recently hosted their first New Good Food Book Club meeting. She provided about 10 different unique fruits and vegetables for the attendees to sample. One was maitaiki mushrooms. Ellen reported that when you cook maitaiki mushrooms, they resemble [&hellip

Jeff Walter’s Engine 2une-up

Meet Jeff Walter of Sonoma, California. Jeff’s inspiring Engine 2 success story is one that exemplifies the common surprise that so many otherwise trim and fit individuals discover when they stop to take a look at what’s going on inside their bodies. As Rip often likes to say in his presentations, “You can look like [&hellip

Boulder Whole Foods Market Kicks Off “Health Starts Here” Supper Clubs

Engine 2 proudly partners with Whole Foods Market and their healthy eating education program development. The marketing campaigns and programs that continue to unfold at WFM stores throughout the country are creative and compelling — providing customers and team members alike with a wonderful opportunity to discover delicious Plant Strong food options. Recently Dani Little, [&hellip

Plant Strong on the Road: Rip’s FAB tips

Many people that travel regularly who want to create a new, healthier, Plant Strong lifestyle say that it is impossible to do so on the road. We contend that eating Plant Perfect while traveling isn’t always feasible — but staying Plant Strong is 100% do-able. Rip travels approximately ten days out of every month to [&hellip

Fire Rescue Magazine Shares the Engine 2 Story

The latest issue of Fire Rescue Magazine profiles the story of Engine 2, Austin’s Plant Strong firehouse in a great article titled, “Saving Lives at the Station“. Check it out! Highlights shared in the article: The number 1 cause of fatalities of firefighters is heart disease. With Rip’s influence, the Austin Fire Department now boasts close to [&hellip