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Expert Team Brings Plant-Strong Health to Food Bank Community

Health-challenged Low-income Population Goes Plant-based to Lose Weight and Reverse Disease On April 8, 2011, nonprofit organization EarthSave International launches Meals For Health at Sacramento Food Bank & Family Services in Sacramento, California. Meals For Health (MFH) is a 30-day intervention where underprivileged people are given education and support to eat a healthy, low-fat, plant-strong [&hellip

High Fructose Corn Syrup

Check out the recent SNL parody of the High Fructose Corn Syrup t.v. advertisement. We think Michael Pollan got it right in Food Rules in suggesting we avoid products with HFCS: Not because high-fructose corn syrup (HFCS) is any worse for you than sugar, but because it is, like many of the other unfamiliar ingredients [&hellip

Vegan on the Silver Screen

Over the last nine months, the groundbreaking documentary, Forks Over Knives has gained increasing awareness and interest throughout the United States. We’re proud to have contributed to that momentum with the series of events Rip and Engine 2 have partnered with Whole Foods Market to host.  Since July of 2010, WFM and E2 have sponsored [&hellip

Firefighters Fighting Off Pounds in Maryland with Engine 2 Diet

Sponsored by the Friendship Heights Whole Foods Market, firefighters of Bethesda, Maryland’s Station 6 said, “Yes” to giving 100% to an Engine 2 28-Day Challenge. Every week they made visits to the health-focused store to find the right ingredients for E2 recipes. According to Marketing Team Leader, Jill Ward, who recruited the firefighters and provided [&hellip

Engine 2 Super Bowl Parties – Who’s In??

Wendy Solganik, writer of Healthy Girl Kitchen blog who has submitted a number of amazing photos of E2 recipes, is challenging her readers to throw plant-strong Super Bowl parties this weekend.  What a brilliant idea! Please check out her site for her call to action where she’s wanting to hear about other people’s plans, recipe [&hellip

Whole Foods Market in Devon, PA Creates Plant-Strong Project for Homeless Shelters

Char Nolan, one of our all-time favorite E2ers, and marketing team leader for the Whole Foods Market store in Devon, Pennsylvania is sharing the benefits of plant-strong nutrition with people who need it most. She and her team partnered with two area homeless shelters near their store: Safe Harbor, a shelter that houses fifty men [&hellip

Ambulances Being Retrofitted with Lifts for Obese Patients

With more and more patients weighing over 500 pounds, ambulances are now being retrofitted with hydraulic lifts to save EMT’s backs. We started seeing more and more of this in Austin and got hydraulic stretchers several years ago. Get lighter, eat plants! See The Boston Globe article, “Hub Revamps Ambulance for Obese Patients&#