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This blog is from one of the Engine 2 Extra Fire Marshals – Anne T.! —– Let’s face it, navigating friendships when you’ve transitioned to a plant-strong lifestyle while others haven’t can put stress on relationships. Engine 2 and Dr. Doug Lisle do whole seminars just on how to handle these sticky situations because, well, [&hellip

Plant-Strong™ Kids Week 5!

We are really loving hearing about your kids getting plant-strong! Kathy wrote to us: “My two sons had been resisting for a long time. They are 5&7.  I kept giving in and letting them have fast-food and other favorites like fruit juice and cold cuts and ice-cream. I started with week 1 and did the [&hellip

Engine 2 Summer Kids Series: Week 4!

Hard to believe we are already in week 4 of our Summer Kids Series! How are your kids doing? Plant Strong Kids™ Week 4 And to catch up: Week 3 Week 2 Week 1 Many thanks to Lindsay Nixon for the recipes this week!

BCBS Providence, RI

We love to hear about companies teaming up for an Engine 2 Challenge! On Monday, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Providence, RI (BCBSRI) kicked off their challenge with over 100 employees participating. Last week, Whole Foods Market – Healthy Eating Specialist, Jennifer Groff along with Chef Mike planned a kick off cookout for the participants. [&hellip

Plant-Strong™ Summer Kids Series: Week 3! Plus, Tips For Teens By Teens

  It is week 3 of our Plant-Strong™ Summer Kids Series! Download our easy-to-print PDF here: PlantStrongKidsWeek3! Thanks to Jeff Novick and Lindsay Nixon for the recipes this week! Catch up: Week 1 & Week 2 Today we thought we would ask some of the plant-strong teens in our community their advice on how to help teens [&hellip

Plant-Strong Kids Summer Series: Week 2

  We hope you enjoyed the first week of our summer series just for kids! Now it is onto week 2! PlantStrongKidsWeek2 Did you miss week 1? You can get it here. We want to thank Dreena and Susan for the wonderful recipes this week!

Creating Plant-Strong Community: Guest Blogger, Jean

This week we have a guest blogger: Meet Jean!  Jean has been doing great following Engine 2, but was a little hesitant to reach out to local folks who may also enjoy Engine 2.  One day, she decided to give it a shot.  Read on to find out what happened! Challenge yourself to challenge others! [&hellip

Pant Strong! AND (breakfast) Recipe Round-up

Yes, we said PANT strong! Today, Jane Esselstyn (Rip’s sister) has a featured post over on the Crazy Sexy blog! She’s writing up something a lot of people are interested in, and a subject many men seem to really, um, perk up when they hear about it. Jane wants all the men out there how [&hellip

Engine 2 Interview with body builder, Derek Tresize!

We here at Engine 2 like to talk about being “plant-strong” well we found one of the plant-strongest people we could find and talked to him about his healthy plant-strong life. Derek is  originally from San Diego, CA where he spent all his free time in athletic pursuits from organized sports to martial arts to [&hellip