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My name is Joel and I’m a 27 year old Firefighter Paramedic for Montgomery County, MD. I’m an adrenaline junkie and an aspiring personal trainer. I have a passion for fitness and health with a natural instinct to help people. I’ve been a Firefighter Paramedic for 8 years and have witnessed countless emergencies when the public is at their worse. Every shift I’m reminded of how unhealthy we are as a society when I walk into a patient’s home and witness the countless medications the patient is prescribed. I am reminded how many of my patient’s symptoms and diagnosed conditions could be prevented and/or reversed by a whole food Plant-Based diet. 17 months ago, I began my journey into a Plant-Based diet and have not looked back. I’ve made it my mission to live Plant-Strong and help lead others to a guilt-free dietary lifestyle.

Guest Post by Joel: Being a New Dad and Staying Plant-Strong

Where do I start?! As of today, my daughter Alyssa is 10 weeks old and she’s amazing! Not only is she beautiful, healthy and strong but she has the gift of having Plant-Based parents. My wife and I decided to raise Alyssa Plant-Based because we made a conscious effort to ask “the important questions” and [&hellip

How Joel Got Healthier, Leaner, Stronger And Faster.

Today, we want to introduce you to plant-strong firefighter, Joel. Joel took charge of his health and has started to change the way his department eats! We are going to ask Joel to guest blog from time to time, and hopefully share some of his tasty recipe creations! My weight has always fluctuated as a [&hellip