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Char Nolan
Char Nolan has been plant strong for three years, and it has changed her life immensely. She is a social media and marketing consultant, and lives in Philadelphia, PA.

Saving Time With Char: Dinner Time! Plus a Recipe for Sweet Potato Ole

Saving Time with Char This is from the “Charchives.”  No matter where I am and what I am doing, people always ask me, “Where do you find the time to prepare and cook plant-strong meals?”  The reality is that between the freezer section and leftovers, dinner is never a difficult meal to pull off. I [&hellip

Saving Time With Char: Getting the Day off to a Good Start & A Recipe for Oatmeal Pudding!

Saving Time with Char Getting the Day off to a Good Start This is from the “Charchives.”  Last week, I bumped into someone who said to me, “Ah, is there anything I can get at the drive-thru for Engine 2?” My advice was to keep your foot on the gas pedal, and press down real [&hellip

Saving Time with Char: Breakfast Month!

Nibble.com will list every food holiday imaginable.  Some are very attractive titles and totally plant strong, and many other titles look like celebrations for the SAD.  Some of the titles actually make me laugh. September is Breakfast Month.  Really.  You might ask yourself, “What do Breakfast Month and Engine 2 have in common?”  Well, quite [&hellip

Saving Time With Char: Shopping on a Shoe String, Plant-Strong Style!

Saving Time with Char Shopping on a Shoe String, Plant Strong Style I was listening to a talk show the other day, and the conversion was about the “expense of eating healthy.”  I wanted to jump into the television and let Whoopi know that I disagreed with her.  The myth that prevails about the expense [&hellip

Saving Time with Char: The Mighty Potato

Saving Time with Char Summer Update People still ask me the potato question.  It is the number one question I get, after the time thing.  As I have previously mentioned, potatoes are rich and delicious, but in our minds, we think of them as a side dish covered and slathered in oozing, yellow dairy.  The [&hellip

Saving Time With Char: Tortilla Time, Engine 2 Style

It’s pretty amazing to me that I have been plant-strong for nearly four years.  In the beginning, I was overwhelmed and not sure where to turn or what to do.  There was a complexity that seemed out of my grasp.  But, well into my 28 Day Challenge, something erupted in me, and I decided to [&hellip

Saving Time with Char: Dinner with Rip (well, sort of)

Saving Time with Char Dinner with Rip (well, sort of) There I was on a mission to get some kale and some other incidentals at my local Whole Foods Market.  I bumped into an old friend who works at the store when she said, “Oh, Char, we have the NEW Engine 2 veggie burgers!  I [&hellip

Saving Time with Char: You’ve Got Me Going In Circles

It’s the summer.  We all want to spend more time outdoors and less time in the kitchen.  While summer salads are all the rage, sometimes, it is more fun to mix it up a bit without having to turn the stove or oven on.  What’s a plant-strong zealot supposed to do? Well…I love gadgets.  I [&hellip

Saving Time with Char: Dinner Time

  Saving Time with Char Dinner Time The weekend has come to a close.  I am tying up loose ends so that the new week is off to a good start.  Dinner is on my mind.  I am thinking of a “multi-task” dinner, which means that while a load of clothes is in the dryer, [&hellip