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Ami Mackey
Ami Mackey is a food coach at Engine 2 Extra and has been plant-strong since 2011. She is also the Program Director at St Louis All City Boxing a nonprofit youth program. She earned certificates from eCornell in Plant-Based Nutrition & Fitness Nutrition from NASM.

Adventures with Ami: Together

This past weekend we had a holiday workshop at Engine 2 Extra.  We had a host of speakers, cooking demo videos and live chat all weekend long.  It was a delight to spend the weekend with so many of our members.  There was a lot of learning, laughing and just plain fun going on.  I [&hellip

Adventures with Ami: My First 5K

These babies will make you run faster…just like when you were a kid. They do so by uploading your run data into the nike+ portal via your iPhone. The transmitter calculates everything. There by challenging you to try harder, run faster, farther, more often. If you are at all competitive – like myself you indeed [&hellip

Adventures with Ami: Plant-Strong 101: Beans and Lentils

Beans and lentils come in an amazing array of shapes, sizes, colors, textures and flavor profiles. These incredible beauties make such a wide variety of meals around the world. You’d be hard pressed to find a cuisine that doesn’t include a bean or lentil. Most of us are familiar with black beans, kidney beans, navy [&hellip

Adventures with Ami: Whole Grains 101

We could talk about grains for hours.  This is the condensed version of what you need to know for following our Engine 2 plans. For our purposes today, the following definitions apply: 100% Whole Grain: This generally applies to ingredients in products like breads, crackers, tortillas, cereal and pasta.  Look for the words: whole, cracked, rolled, or [&hellip

Adventures with Ami: Plant-Strong 101 Fruits and Veggies

If you had to name as many varieties of vegetables as you could, how many do you think you could name? Seven, fifteen, thirty-three? What about Four hundred? 400?! I have a poster in my sun room that is an illustrated guide to over 400 varieties of vegetables. I wish I had it printed on [&hellip

Adventures with Ami: Meal Planning 101: What’s For Dinner?

What’s for dinner? This question is tough enough some days without changing up the way you’ve been making dinner for years and tackling a new style of eating.  There are many ways of tackling this question.  Some prefer cooking from recipes, having structure and a firm plan. Others look for bulk cooking plans, utilizing large [&hellip

Adventures with Ami: Plant-Strong Kitchen 101

We got our first microwave in 1980.  It had a dial instead of buttons.  I remember cooking in it as a kid – poorly I might add.  It changed the way things were done at our house.  We didn’t have to ‘cook’ any more, we could just heat stuff up.  If you are 45 or [&hellip

Adventures With Ami: The Scent of Sugar

While shopping for groceries last week, I took a wrong turn into the candy aisle.  Not an aisle I frequent these days.  It was a long cart ride to get to the end of it. Somewhere in the middle of the jumbo sized bags I noticed it. The unmistakable scent of sugar. Like a bag [&hellip

Adventures with Ami: Food Journal

On Engine 2 Extra, one of the ways people like to stay on track is by keeping a food journal. This allows the coaches to comment and help when needed, and gives people a big picture of what their food intake looks like. Even our coaches like to keep food journals! Today, we took a [&hellip