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Ami Mackey
Ami Mackey is a food coach at Engine 2 Extra and has been plant-strong since 2011. She is also the Program Director at St Louis All City Boxing a nonprofit youth program. She earned certificates from eCornell in Plant-Based Nutrition & Fitness Nutrition from NASM.

Chopping Vegetables With Jane

    Teaching a group to make their own nori rolls requires a bunch of prep work, especially when it’s a group of nearly 100 Engine 2 Immersion attendees. It was during this prep work that I got to know Jane Esselstyn. It takes some time to chop enough peppers, mangoes, avocados and onions for [&hellip

Adventures With Ami: Summer Ingredients

Part of what I love so much about summer is the availability of fresh produce.  It is one of my simple pleasures to slice up an heirloom tomato on a plate with some fresh cracked black pepper for a snack.  Or a cucumber, some kohlrabi, jicama, melon…well the list goes on and on.  The flavors [&hellip

Adventures With Ami: Summer Salads

I love summer!  From salads, to grilling, picking berries and fresh melons…well, I love it all.  Summer is one of the best times to become plant-strong too.  So many options at the farmers market, produce stands and the regular grocery store.  It’s one of the best times to have pots of fresh herbs at home [&hellip

Adventures with Ami: Pineapple Pancakes

I love playing in the kitchen on Sunday mornings.  I have the time to get creative and spend a session in my recipe lab.  Today’s experiment was inspired by a photo I saw on Pinterest.  I get a lot of inspiration from there, I love food photography!  I prefer a photo to a recipe – [&hellip

Adventures with Ami: Cooking in America

I’ve been blogging for Engine 2 for two years now. I’ve covered all kinds of topics, shared recipes, my favorite kitchen items and more over the years.  I’ve had a lot of serious issues on my mind these days.  I’ve also been sharing a bit about the boxing gym/youth program we have started as well.  [&hellip

Adventures with Ami: A Lesson in Lentils

The basics of learning about plant-strong living is the topic of discussion with the athletes who have come to learn how it can help them improve their health.  Class begins with a run down of what we mean by whole foods plant-based foods.  I had several examples on the countertop on display.  Each food group [&hellip

Adventures with Ami: Plant-Strong Athletes

  It’s been a busy week here.  We’ve had our first workouts at the boxing gym .  The kids arrived, activities started, smiles all around!  They love the new gym space, the new equipment and the big bowl of fruit we have for them each day.  I had the opportunity to have many conversations with [&hellip

Adventures with Ami: Pears and Geometry

We have been working really hard to get our youth program set up in our new gym space.  Long hours, hard labor, joyful work, all of it (for the most part) knowing that  we are almost ready to open the St Louis All City Boxing gym doors.  One of our young athletes came by with one of [&hellip

Adventures with Ami: What’s in Your Cup? Part 2

Last time we discussed sparkling waters. A bigger topic than one might imagine.  The seem to be the hot new thing out there.  Water can still be tough for some, sparkling or still.  Another alternative is the vast array of herbal teas. Tea in general is a type of plant.  Varieties include: black, green, oolong, [&hellip