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Plant-Strong™ Kids Week 6!

It’s out! Plant-Strong™ Kids Week 6! Many thanks to Lindsay from Happy Herbivore and Cathy from Straight Up Food for their recipe contributions! Catch up with weeks 1-5: Week 5 Week 4 Week 3 Week 2 Week

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Air Travel in the Plant-Strong Mode

The first time I ever boarded an airplane, my mother insisted that I wear a navy blue, linen suit. It was a time in air [&hellip

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Plant-Strong™ Kids Week 5!

We are really loving hearing about your kids getting plant-strong! Kathy wrote to us: “My two sons had been resisting for a long time. They [&hellip

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Finding Engine 2

We all have a back story to the beginning of our own plant-strong-journey. Mine began in a Whole Foods Market when I saw a copy [&hellip

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Engine 2 Summer Kids Series: Week 4!

Hard to believe we are already in week 4 of our Summer Kids Series! How are your kids doing? Plant Strong Kids™ Week 4 And [&hellip

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Adventures With Ami: Summer Ingredients

Part of what I love so much about summer is the availability of fresh produce.  It is one of my simple pleasures to slice up [&hellip

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Ann Crile Esselstyn and Jane Esselstyn

How We Met Four years ago, I went to Austin, Texas, to the inaugural Engine 2 Retreat.  It was a weeklong event that featured speakers [&hellip

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BCBS Providence, RI

We love to hear about companies teaming up for an Engine 2 Challenge! On Monday, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Providence, RI (BCBSRI) kicked off [&hellip

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Plant-Strong™ Summer Kids Series: Week 3! Plus, Tips For Teens By Teens

  It is week 3 of our Plant-Strong™ Summer Kids Series! Download our easy-to-print PDF here: PlantStrongKidsWeek3! Thanks to Jeff Novick and Lindsay Nixon for the [&hellip

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