I want to thank you for embarking on the Engine 2 Challenge! In just 28 days, you will plant the seeds of a spectacular long-lasting, healthy makeover. I know that if I didn’t follow this diet, I never would have had the energy to be a world-class triathlete, or just as grueling, a firefighter. The Engine 2 Diet is a snap to follow. Depending on which of the programs you select, you will learn the basic principles of the Engine 2 lifestyle or you will spend two or four weeks eating a tempting variety of the most colorful, nutrient-packed foods that Mother Nature provides: fruits, vegetables, whole grains, legumes, nuts, and seeds.

During this time, you will push all meat and dairy products to the back burner, as well as refined and processed foods—including extracted oils–while feasting on plant-diverse foods. That’s the Engine 2 Diet in a healthy nutshell! I wish you only the best as you start what I know will be an eye-opening, life-long love affair with plant-beautiful foods. Remember, this isn’t just a 28 Day Challenge, it’s an adventure in healthy eating and living.

Now go out there and GET FIRED UP!

Plant-Strong, Rip



Engine 2 Challenge

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